Who is the Covenant in Halo 4?

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Who is the Covenant in Halo 4?

The Storm Covenant, also known as Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant, are a splinter faction of Sangheili serving as major antagonists in both Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, as well as the main antagonists of Halo 4’s “Spartan Ops” campaign.

Who was the leader of the Covenant Halo?

Military. Sangheili, the initial leaders of the Covenant military. The Covenant maintained pervasive armed forces to enforce order, conduct atmospheric and space combat operations, and generally carry out the Covenant’s will throughout space.

What was the Covenant looking for in Halo?

Yeah, as detailed in the Graphic Novel: Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa, the Covenant are indeed looking for the Portal Installation.

Why are Covenant ships purple?

To develop a distinctive look for the various races of the Covenant, Bungie artists drew inspiration from reptilian, ursine, and avian characteristics. A Covenant design scheme of purples and reflective surfaces was made to separate the aliens from human architecture.

How old is the Covenant Halo?

100,000 years
The Covenant traces its history back at least 100,000 years, when an ancient species called the Forerunner activated the Halo installations, disappearing from the galaxy. This is referred to as the Age of Abandonment by the Covenant.

What language do Elites speak?


Word/Phrase English Translation/Meaning
Unggoy Grunt
Kig-Yar Jackal
Sangheili Elite

What do Halo covenants eat?

Intelligent species – Some of the Covenant species, specifically the Kig-Yar, Unggoy, and the Jiralhanae, are known to eat intelligent species such as Sangheili and Human . They will even cannibalize each other.

How tall is a jackal Halo?

6 ft 2 in

Ruuhtian Ibie’shian T’vaoan Ruuhtian Ibie’shian T’vaoan
Physical information
Avg. height: 190–210 cm (6 ft 2 in–6 ft 8 due to hunched over anatomy they appear shorter about 5ft or 155 cm)
Avg. weight: 88–93 kilograms (195–206 lbs)

How tall are the Covenant?

They apparently stand about 7 feet, and are even taller when riding around in their “Gravity Thrones,” sitting at 7 and a half feet. Outside of the Covenant council, the Prophets are mostly extinct.

How do grunts know English?

In the Halo Universe Covenant language translation software intercepted human COM transmissions after The Battle of Harvest, and thus the Covenant learned English quickly.

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