Who is stronger Edo Itachi or EDO Nagato?

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Who is stronger Edo Itachi or EDO Nagato?

Even Edo-Tensei old, fragile Nagato would beat prime Itachi without breaking a sweat. Nagato is the second strongest Edo Tensei.

What rank Ninja is Kabuto?

Naruto Lore: Kabuto Yakushi

editKabuto Yakushi
Ninja Rank Part I: Genin
Ninja Registration 012140
Academy Grad. Age 10

Is Sage Kabuto stronger than Itachi?

While he believed himself to be close to the Sage of Six Paths, the truth couldn’t be further than that. Kabuto, while strong, was easily defeated by Itachi. Although Itachi did have backup from Sasuke during that fight, much of it was needed just to set up the Izanami.

Is Kabuto stronger than obito?

Kabuto is in his strongest state, whilst Obito will be compared in his weakest state to his strongest (Kid Obito, Orange-Mask Obito, White-Mask Obito without Jinchuriki, White-Mask Obito with Jinchuriki, Juubito). Kid Obito doesn’t have access to the nine-tails power.

Does genjutsu work on Nagato?

The Genjutsu trapped the 3 pains, it is unclear if it trapped the Real Nagato. Nagato can control the Pains and percieve the world through them but I think at best you would have to trap all 6 pains and Nagato himself in order to completely take him out of the fight with genjutsu.

Is Kabuto A jonin level?

Kabuto was a genin all his life although he had no village. The earliest memory we fans could see about this man who had been crushed by the shinobi world was that of him in the orphanage. He was the only survivor of a certain war.

Can Kabuto beat Madara?

5 CAN’T BEAT MADARA: Kabuto Yakushi Although defeating Itachi Uchiha could’ve been possible for him, beating Madara Uchiha was certainly not something that he could’ve ever achieved in the series. When it comes to Madara Uchiha, the difference in power between the two is just way too massive.

Who is the greatest jonin?

Boruto: The 15 Strongest Jonin, Ranked

  1. 1 Rock Lee. Rock Lee is a former student of Might Guy and one of the strongest Jonin in Konohagakure right now.
  2. 2 Sakura Uchiha.
  3. 3 Kakashi Hatake.
  4. 4 Shikamaru Nara.
  5. 5 Konohamaru.
  6. 6 Kankuro.
  7. 7 Yamato.
  8. 8 Akatsuchi.

Has Lee surpassed a guy?

well, since its a fact (he is said to have surpassed guy by the time of the last movie) that rock lee at the age of 20> guy at his 30s, then an even older and stronger rock lee wins.

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