Who is Gunther von Hagens?

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Who is Gunther von Hagens?

Gunther von Hagens (born Gunther Gerhard Liebchen; 10 January 1945) is a German anatomist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called plastination.

How does von Hagens produce specimens for Body Worlds?

To produce specimens for a Body Worlds exhibition, von Hagens employs 340 people at five laboratories in four different countries. Each laboratory is categorized by speciality, with the China laboratory focusing on animal specimens.

Who is the real Gunther Liebchen?

He was born Gunther Gerhard Liebchen in Alt-Skalden (now called Skalmierzyce) near Ostrowo, Reichsgau Wartheland, in German-annexed Poland. At the age of five days his parents took him on a six-month trek west to escape the imminent Soviet occupation.

Why is the von Hagens exhibition controversial?

People holding certain moral, religious, and political views have criticized the exhibition as being disrespectful and demeaning to human life. Dr. von Hagens doesn’t appear to be fazed too much by these controversies; he has successfully defended his stance and his exhibits in court on several occasions.

Did von Hagens offer Alexander Sizonenko a pension?

In February 2004, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung confirmed earlier reports by the German TV station ARD that von Hagens had offered a one-time payment and a lifelong pension to Alexander Sizonenko if he would agree to have his body transferred to the Institute of Plastination after his death.

Should Gunther von Hagens’ body be displayed at London’s Body Worlds Museum?

Terminally ill Gunther von Hagens told partner Angelina Whalley he then wants his body to be displayed at the entrance to London ’s new Body Worlds Museum Experience – where preserved organs, skulls and corpses are all on show in various poses.

Who is Dr Richard von Hagens and why is he protesting?

He began his demonstration on 24 October after his wife lost her latest appeal in Iran, saying his family was “caught in a dispute between two states” Dr von Hagens – who has toured his Body Worlds exhibits all across the globe – is perhaps best known in the UK for performing the country’s first public human autopsy for 170 years in 2002.

Why did von Hagens get a letter from the Inspector?

Prior to performing the autopsy, von Hagens had received a letter from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Anatomy, the British government official responsible for regulating the educational use of cadavers. The letter warned von Hagens that performing a public autopsy would be a criminal act under section 11 of the Anatomy Act 1984.

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