Who is Floris Gierman?

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Who is Floris Gierman?

About Coach Floris Gierman: He is an RRCA certified running coach. Floris has coached more than 500 runners to run a PB, from absolute beginner to intermediate and elite. Over the past 15 years, he has run more than 60 half marathons and 30+ marathons and ultra marathons.

Where is Floris Gierman from?

Floris Gierman grew up in Amsterdam and was into skateboarding for as long as he can remember.

How much is MAF training?

For anyone who is chronically ill, injured, or overtrained, we suggest: A three-month (90-day) training period of 100 percent Aerobic (MAF HR) Training.

How do I start MAF training?

Start with a 12- to 15-minute warmup, then run the main set at your maximum aerobic heart rate. Month by month, you should see these times drop. Your heart rate will remain the same for every MAF test, but you’ll be hitting slightly faster paces with every run.

What is MAF pace?

The MAF test is done by running 5 miles continuously on a track at your maximum aerobic heart rate. You should do a proper warmup before the test. Doing the test on a track eliminates variables such as hills and allows you to have the same course each time. As you run each mile of the test, your time will likely slow.

Can I do MAF daily?

Some people are able to run daily but others do need complete rest days. 2) As you are just starting out in MAF training I would not add any speed work yet. Spend at least 3 months doing base building i.e. only training at MAF.

How many hours a week should you train MAF?

Many people have felt that 7 hours per week of MAF training is the magic number to see steady progress. In your case whether you do 3 or 4 runs a week is up to you. Look at how much time you can spare a week and make sure to also build in rest days.

How often should I run for MAF training?

Dr. Maffetone says you should run this test once a month to see how you are improving. Your average pace should increase each month as you become more fit. If your time is not improving, it may indicate an oncoming injury.

How long should you run MAF?

The MAF test is performed as follows:

  1. Warm up 10-15 minutes (keeping at least 10 beats below max HR)
  2. Select a 5 mile course which you can use for all tests {3 miles if you run less than 60 min for a long run}
  3. Run as close to your target heart rate as you can for the entire test.

How long does MAF take to work?

3-6 months
If you’ve been pushing too hard and eating poorly for a long time it could take easily 3-6 months. You will likely continue to see progression long after that as well. If you’ve been doing most things right and feeling good, you might actually see your times improve within just a month or two of following MAF.

What is a good MAF pace?

As a general rule your MAF heart rate is 180 minus your age. So if for example, you are aged 50 and are in good health, then your MAF heart rate will be 180-50 = 130. Your MAF range for training will thus be 120-130 beats per minute.

Hi there, I’m Floris Gierman, founder of extramilest.com. This site is all about marathon running and reaching your full potential in training, racing and life. Many athletes want to run a Sub 3 Hour Marathon, Boston Qualifier or Marathon PR, but they don’t know how to accomplish this. You’ve come to the right place!

Why join the Gierman coaching network?

Get direct access to coach Floris Gierman and other coaches, to help answer any questions and troubleshoot challenges in training, racing and life. Talk live face to face in our weekly Zoom coaching calls with our coaches and other community members.

Who is Floris?

Floris is a podcast host of The Extramilest Show and hosts a popular running YouTube channel with millions of views. Floris is a proud husband and father of 2 young daughters. This is not your typical “course.”

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