Who is behind Bad Robot?

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Who is behind Bad Robot?

Discovery CEO David Zaslav is frustrated by the lack of output from Bad Robot’s $250 million overall deal. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the budget for HBO’s Demimonde — which has been in the works since 2018 — is a source of contention. Abrams’ Bad Robot is eyeing a spend that’s north of $200 million.

What games has bad robot made?

About us. As the gaming arm of Bad Robot Productions (Lost, Cloverfield, Westworld, Star Wars), Bad Robot Games is passionate about telling stories and building worlds that can only be experienced through games. Our goal is to create gaming destinations across all platforms that are as fun to watch as they are to play.

What is Tom Cruise’s production company?

Cruise/Wagner ProductionsTom Cruise / Production company

Is Bad Robot PRODUCTIONS still in business?

Bad Robot Productions is currently based in Santa Monica, California, in a building which is incorrectly labeled on purpose as the home of the fictional “National Typewriter Company” because Abrams “likes typewriters — and misdirection.”

Who produced Maverick?

Tom CruiseJerry BruckheimerChristopher McQuarrieDavid EllisonDon Granger
Top Gun: Maverick/Producers
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Producer on Tom Cruise, Netflix and the Future of Movies. David Ellison has produced six of the biggest movies of the last couple years, and the longest-running TV series on Netflix.

Did Netflix remove Top Gun?

Leaving Netflix in May 2022 Fans of the beloved Tony Scott classic will not get to see the original while anticipating the 36-years-late sequel Top Gun: Maverick. But in an even more devastating and personal loss, Netflix is losing one of its highly acclaimed period dramas, Downton Abbey.

Who owns Bad Robot Productions?

Bad Robot Productions is an American film and television production company co-founded by film director J.J. Abrams and film producer Bryan Burk. Bad Robot was originally part of Touchstone Television, but has moved with J. J. Abrams to Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Television, after his contract with Touchstone had expired in 2006 .

What does Bad Robot mean?

Bad Robot is an American film and television production company led by J. J. Abrams. Under its Bad Robot Productions division, the company is responsible for the television series Alias, Lost, Fringe, Person of Interest, Revolution and Westworld alongside the feature-length films Cloverfield, Star Trek,…

What does Bad Robot Interactive do now?

As Bad Robot Interactive it published the video game Star Trek D-A-C alongside Paramount Digital Entertainment . Originally part of Touchstone Pictures, the company has worked on the development of motion picture projects for Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, starting in 2006.

When did Bad Robot stop using the logo?

The original Bad Robot Productions logo used from 2001 through 2008. Bad Robot was originally based at Touchstone Television, but was moved by Abrams to Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Television, after his contract with ABC expired in 2006. Bad Robot produced Lost in association with ABC Studios, formerly Touchstone Television.

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