Who invented Detroit techno?

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Who invented Detroit techno?

JUAN ATKINS is often considered to be the father of techno. As a teenager growing up in the Detroit suburb of Belleville, Atkins made bold musical experiments with a Korg MS-10 synthesizer and a tape deck, eventually releasing the genre’s earliest tracks under the names Cybotron and Model 500.

Who made house music popular?

Many consider the first major success of house music outside the US to be “Love Can’t Turn Around” by Farley “Jackmaster” Funk and Jesse Saunders. The hit song peaked at #10 in the UK singles chart in 1986. A year later in 1987, “Jack Your Body” by Steve “Silk” Hurley reached #1 in the UK charts.

Did techno start in Detroit or Germany?

Although widely associated with Europe, techno music was invented in Detroit and its suburbs in the early 1980s by young African-Americans armed with drum machines, futurist ideals and a predilection for Kraftwerk.

What is Chicago house?

Ever since it first emerged in the mid-1980s, Chicago house has remained a popular style of dance music in nightclubs throughout the world.

How many Chicago house classics are there?

From the most fundamental of early building blocks to the trippiest of disco house, but minus overtly acid tracks (save one we couldn’t resist) or deep house fare, here’s our pick of 30 bona fide Chicago house classics.

Who is the producer of Chicago house?

Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley was behind the mix of this 1988 gem, so the production is accomplished and manages to incorporate several strands of Chicago house including a smidgeon of acid, melodic piano, the soulful vocals of house groups like Fingers Inc, Ten City and JM Silk and also the moodiness of deep house.

Is this the first house music release ever by a major label?

It would be the first house music release ever by a major label. The record still held many classic Jefferson ingredients like the timeless piano riff which, like the vocal and idealistic, forward-thinking lyric, were embraced on the wild UK house club scene.

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