Who has a crush on Guren Ichinose?

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Who has a crush on Guren Ichinose?

Sayuri Hanayori It is revealed that she has an unrequited crush on him, however Guren turns her down after she accidentally shared her feelings when they were sixteen.

Is Guren Ichinose a villain?

Fandom. Guren is a Hero and Villain in same Time! I mean he works with Ferid to save the world and kills Mirai the Shiho his beloved sister and tries to kill Yuu and Mika. But afterwards he does the taboo again to revive it.

What is Guren Ichinose personality?

Guren Ichinose personality type is ENTJ, which means that she is a decisive, competitive individual that believes in the power of logic. She believes in thinking things through and making decisions. She is also very confident, even when it comes to her own weaknesses, and doesn’t mind voicing her opinions on others.

Does Guren turn back to normal?

Since he is not an ordinary human anymore, Guren was able to fully recover one of his cut-off arms, and survive powerful vampire attacks from the seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory, both when they met when he was sixteen, and later, on the battlefield as an adult which surprised him.

Is Guren a good person?

Guren Ichinose Guren is basically the second protagonist of the series at this point because he has his own light novel spinoff and is just as important to the plot as Yu. What makes Guren compelling is that he’s not a bad guy at all, but he ends up committing some of the worst deeds in the manga.

Why did Guren turn evil?

He is tortured for days by the Hiiragis under the very school he is forced to attend. He himself was forced into becoming a demon in order to save his friends. He cut off his own arm so that he wouldn’t hurt his comrade. Gets taken over by his demon in order to save his friends.

Who kills Guren?

Guren was never killed (Though unable to perform any hand signs (with her hands busy holding back Rinji’s arms), Guren still managed to use the Crystal Release and crystallized herself and Rinji. The two fell into the water below.