Who gives Sudarshan Chakra to Krishna?

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Who gives Sudarshan Chakra to Krishna?

Lord Parashuram
It is said that Lord Parashuram gave the Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Krishna. He received this Chakra from Varun Dev before Parashurama. Varun Dev received this chakra from Agnidev, Agnidev from Lord Vishnu.

How many times Lord Krishna use Sudarshan Chakra?

Shri Krishna used the Sudarshan chakra twice in the Mahabharat. The first time it was used to kill Shishupala after his hundredth insult, and the second time it was used to eclipse the sun during the 14th day of the Kurukshetra war, to bring about the death Jayadhrata.…

Who is Sudarshan in Mahabharat?

Sudarshan is worshipped as Sun. It is described in Markandeya Purana that on the Nilagiri the Lord of Universe is existing in four forms named Brahma (Subhadra), Vishnu (Jagannath), Ishwar (Balabhadra) and Sun (Sudarshan).

Is Sudarshan Chakra real?

While in the Rigveda, the Chakra was Vishnu’s symbol as the wheel of time and by the late period, the Sudarshana Chakra emerged as an ayudhapurusha (anthropomorphic form), as a fierce form of Vishnu, used for the destruction of demons….

Sudarshana Chakra
Texts Vishnu Purana

Who owns Sudarshan Chakra?

Sudarshan Chakra: The Sacred Discus of Vishnu | Amar Chitra Katha. By Shivam Pathania The Sudarshan Chakra is the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu, the god of preservation. The holy discus consists of two discs rotating in opposite directions with each disc having more than a million sharp spikes on its edges.

Is a chakra a real weapon?

Chakram (Sanskrit: cakra, cakram; Punjabi: cakkra, cakkram) is a throwing weapon from the Indian subcontinent. One of its major purposes is to protect the turban and the head from sword/melee attacks. It is circular with a sharpened outer edge and a diameter of 12–30 centimetres (4.7–11.8 in).

Who is the son of Krishna and Radha?

Krishna’s foster parents at Vrindavana were Nanda and Yashoda, his sister is Subhadra, and his brother Balarama. Krishna’s favourite wife was Radha, with whom he had a son Pradyumna and daughter Carumati, but tradition has it that the god actually acquired 16,108 wives and fathered 180,000 sons.

Who was the daughter of lord krishna?

Rukmini (Sanskrit: रुक्मिणी, IAST: Rukmini, lit. ‘radiant’) is a Hindu Goddess and the first queen and chief wife of Krishna….

Children Pradyumna and 9 others (sons) Charumati (daughter)
Dynasty Vrishni (by marriage)

Who gave Sudarshana Chakra to Lord Krishna?

It is believed that Lord Parashurama gave the Sudarshana Chakra to Lord Krishna. He obtained it from Varun Dev, and Varun Dev received it from Agnidev, who in turn, got it from Lord Vishnu. The word ‘Sudarshan’ is derived from two words, ‘su’ meaning ‘auspicious’ and ‘darshan’ meaning ‘vision’.

What is the significance of Chakra in Hinduism?

The Chakra finds mention in the Rigveda as a symbol of Vishnu, and as the wheel of time, and in the Itihasas and Puranas. In the Mahabharatha, Krishna, identified with Vishnu, uses it as a weapon.

What is Sudarshana Chakra in the Mahabharata?

In the Mahabharatha, Krishna, identified with Vishnu, uses it as a weapon. For example, he beheads Shishupala with the Sudarshana Chakra at the Rajasuya yagna of Emperor Yudhishthira.

How did Sri Krishna get the divine wheel?

Others are of the opinion that Sri Krishna obtained the divine wheel from Agni, the God of Fire. The sacred disc is always in a spinning motion and has 108 serrated edges. The Sudarshan Chakra is used for the destruction of evil and negative forces. The movement of this sacred wheel is initiated by mind control and the power of the will.