Who are The Rubberbandits in real life?

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Who are The Rubberbandits in real life?

The Rubberbandits
Origin Limerick, Ireland
Genres Comedy hip hop, hip hop, satire, prank phone calls
Years active 2000–present
Members Dave Chambers Bob McGlynn

Why do The Rubberbandits wear plastic bags?

IN THE LATEST episode of ‘The Blindboy Podcast’, Blindboy decided to explain why he has worn a plastic bag over his head for his entire career with The Rubberbandits. The Rubberbandits shared a clip of the podcast on Facebook, where he explains that he uses it for privacy. It’s not really anonymity at this stage…

Why does Blindboy wear a JCS bag?

Blindboy added: “So my plastic bag is reflecting the light in quite an ugly way and also when I speak into the microphone, it makes this rustling noise which is unpleasant on the air so I replaced my plastic bag with one that’s made out of cotton.

How much money does Blindboy make?

Blindboy Boatclub can push the boat out as his podcast earns nearly €65,000. A company established by Blindboy Boatclub to handle earnings from his podcast, which has more than 150,000 weekly listeners, recorded a profit of €64,848 in its first published accounts.

What is Blindboys real name?

David Chambers
David Chambers, commonly known as Blindboy Boatclub, is an Irish satirist, musician, podcaster, author, and TV presenter. Boatclub is from Limerick and is best known as one half of the Irish comedy hip-hop group The Rubberbandits, who wear plastic shopping bags as masks to conceal their identities.

Why is Blindboy called Blindboy?

The Limerick native is one half of music group Rubberbandits along with Mr. Chrome who found fame with RTE’s Republic Of Telly. “My name is Blindboy because I learned how to play blues music, like the old blues musicians, they were all called Blindboy this and Blindboy that,” he said.

How do I contact a Blindboy?

To Book Blindboy Directly World wide contact [email protected]

How do I get in touch with a Blindboy?

Intro. Home of the Blindboy podcast. For bookings contact [email protected] .

How many listeners does Blindboy have?

The podcast reportedly has 250,000 weekly listeners in Ireland and over a million worldwide listeners monthly.

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