Who are fields of the Nephilim?

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Who are fields of the Nephilim?

Fields of the Nephilim are an English gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984.

What was the first fields of the Nephilim song?

In May 2000, McCoy released “One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down)”, the first Fields of the Nephilim single with their new label, Jungle Records. It contained newly worked versions of “Trees Come Down” and “Darkcell,” both originally released on the Burning the Fields EP in 1984.

Who was the original bassist for fields of the Nephilim?

On 15 August 1998, McCoy and original bassist Tony Pettitt held a press conference at the Zillo Festival in Germany, announcing their future plans to collaborate under two separate monikers, Fields of the Nephilim (along with the Wright brothers) and The Nephilim (an altered spelling of McCoy’s solo project).

Fields of the Nephilim is a gothic rock band, active throughout the 1980s. They formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK in 1984. Carl McCoy, Gary Whisker, Tony Pettit and brothers Paul Wright and Alexander ‘Nod’ Wright were the starting lineup.

What was fields of the Nephilim first album?

The band “upgraded” to Beggars Banquet in 1986 to release “Power” and “Preacher Man”, and their first album, Dawnrazor which topped the Indie chart in 1987. The next release, “Blue Water”, was the first Fields of the Nephilim single to reach the UK Singles Chart (number 75).

Who played bass for fields of the Nephilim?

In May 2007, McCoy performed as Fields of the Nephilim for the first time in seven years, at the London Astoria with Gavin King on bass, Lee Newell on drums, and Gizz Butt and Steve Fox-Harris on guitars.

When did Nephilim release Moonchild?

Originally released in 1988 the album, which features their biggest chart hit ‘Moonchild’ alongside classic Nephilim tracks ‘The Watchman’, ‘Chord Of Souls’, Love Under Will’ and ‘Last Exit For The Lost’, saw the band cement themselves at the forefront of the alternative music scene and become one of the biggest live acts of their day.

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