Which policy or legislation clarifies the duties of the IG?

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Which policy or legislation clarifies the duties of the IG?

The Inspector General Act of 1978 (IG Act), as amended, establishes within the FDIC an independent OIG, which is mandated to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in FDIC programs and operations; and to promote economy and efficiency, and effectiveness at the agency.

What is a Chapter 8 military discharge?

Section VIII provided for the discharge of men who were deemed mentally unfit for military service. The term “Section 8” eventually came to mean any service member given such a discharge, or behaving as if deserving such a discharge, as in the expression, “he’s a Section 8”.

How do you address a master sergeant in the Army regulation?

Sergeant First Class and Master Sergeant are addressed as “Sergeant ______” (followed by their last name). First Sergeant are addressed as “First Sergeant _______” (followed by their last name). First Sergeants, like Master Sergeants, are E8s.

What constitutes an IG complaint in the army?

What type of complaints are appropriate for the IG System? Any Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) and violations of law, Army instructions, or policy should be reported through the appropriate grievances channels. The subject of your complaint must be an Army program or person.

Is Chapter 8 an honorable discharge?

Chapter 8 establishes policy and procedures for voluntary separation of enlisted women because of pregnancy. If an individual is beyond entry-level status, her service will be characterized as honorable or general, under honorable conditions.

Is a Section 8 discharge dishonorable?

Because Section Eight was not an Honorable Discharge from the Army, the people who received them faced consequences. The stigma associated with the blue slip of paper made it difficult for Section Eight soldiers to find jobs following discharge. They could not use the G.I.

Can the Army kick you out after 18 years of service?

Except when discharged pursuant to the approved sentence of a court-martial or for physical disability, any Soldier who has completed 18 or more years of active federal service will not be involuntarily discharged or released from active duty without approval from HQDA.

Is Army IG anonymous?

DoD OIG personnel will not disclose the identity of an IG source to individuals outside the DoD OIG unless one of the following conditions below is met: a. The complainant or witness consents to disclosure outside of the DoD OIG and disclosure is made pursuant to the DoD OIG personnel’s duties.

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