Which part of Thailand is best for families?

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Which part of Thailand is best for families?

Koh Samui has long been one of Thailand’s most popular family holiday destinations. Not only is Koh Samui easy to get to, but it also has everything one would want and more packed onto one island. If you prefer to be in the thick of it, head to Chaweng Beach, or, for a quieter beach getaway, base yourself in Mae Nam.

Is Thailand good for family holidays?

Thailand, we think, is the most child-friendly and family-friendly destination in Southeast Asia, it’s also one of the most affordable for families, it’s easy to visit and travel around and offers an abundance of fun things to do for kids and parents.

Is it cheap to holiday in Thailand?

Thailand is a very affordable country to visit. Though it isn’t as cheap as its Southeast Asian neighbours, like Laos or Cambodia, Thailand is still a very affordable travel destination. Travellers can easily have an incredible time exploring Thailand on a backpacker budget.

Should you take kids to Thailand?

Thailand is a safe place for traveling with children and babies. The culture is very family oriented, and that includes your family, too. With a few considerations, your trip to Thailand can be safe and a lot of fun for everyone.

Is Koh Samui good for families?

Koh Samui is an ideal family destination – kids are welcome everywhere & there’s all sorts to keep them entertained. Thais love children and have a “more the merrier, all ages” attitude. Ensure a perfect and stress-free holiday to Koh Samui with kids, using these helpful suggestions and activity ideas. Enjoy!

How do you travel with kids in Thailand?

Our top 10 tips for travelling Thailand with kids

  1. Don’t try and fit too much into one day.
  2. Keep everyone hydrated, but don’t drink the tap water.
  3. Leave the buggy at home and instead use a carrier for young kids.
  4. Allow for some beach time to relax and unwind at the end of your trip.

Is Thailand safe for families?

Can kids travel to Thailand without vaccine?

Children under the age of 18 do not need to be vaccinated. Children under 18 do not complete a separate Thailand Pass application but are added to a parent’s application. Children must be insured while in Thailand.

Is Phuket safe for families?

Overall, Phuket is a safe place to take your family.

Where are the best family holiday packages in Thailand?

The Thailand family holiday packages offered by TravelTriangle cover some of the most famous destinations in the Indochinese peninsula. Amongst these, Bangkok – the capital city – is the most popular.

How many packages are there in Thai family packages?

Thailand Family Packages for Experience the dreamy beachside paradise 4 DESTINATIONS 35 PACKAGES SEARCH THIS PAGE: Sort & Filter About Thailand Family Packages: Treat yourself to Thailand Family packages.

Why choose Thailand tour packages for families?

Its numerous beaches, islands, tropical jungles, and ancient temples ensure a perfect blend of relaxing and adventurous experience in their Thailand family packages. The Thailand tour packages for families cover the cities of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui.

Does TravelTriangle offer customized Thailand family holiday packages?

Yes, TravelTriangle offers customized Thailand family holiday packages. Customization can be done in terms of hotels in Thailand, places to visit, local sightseeing, and flights to Thailand. What are the best places to visit in Thailand for families with kids?

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