Which keypad has WhatsApp?

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Which keypad has WhatsApp?

HMD Global has launched Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G feature phones select markets in the world. Both the phones support WhatsApp and Google Assistant.

Can WhatsApp be used in Nokia 3310?

Nokia’s 4G 3310 could finally get WhatsApp. Technology Mobiles and Tabs 02 Jan 2018 Nokia’s 4G 331 …

Which phones will not work with WhatsApp?

In 2022, the app will supposedly cease to function on over 50 iPhones and Android handsets. The iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony Xperia M, HTC Desire 500, LG Optimus F7, and many others are among the devices on the list. WhatsApp will soon stop working on phones running Android 4.1 and older.

Does Jio keypad phone support WhatsApp?

One of the popular instant messaging apps, WhatsApp can be used on Reliance Jio’s feature phones – JioPhone and JioPhone 2. The KaiOS optimized version of WhatsApp offers standard features such as chat, sending videos, pictures, documents, and more to the users.

Does WhatsApp work on older phones?

The change is that WhatsApp no longer supports devices running Android 4.0. 4 or older. To use WhatsApp from today, you’ll need an Android phone running version 4.1 or later.

How do I install WhatsApp on my Jio keypad phone?

How do I set up WhatsApp on my Jio phone?

  1. Open JioApps on your Jio Phone.
  2. Search WhatsApp in the JioApps Store.
  3. Now, select the option to install the app.
  4. Once the app gets downloaded, open it and agree to the terms and conditions that appear.
  5. Further, enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP you have received.

How do I update WhatsApp on my Jio keypad phone?

Whatsapp Voice Call Update on Jio Phone Through the version 2.2110. 41 Whatsapp Update, the users will be able to get the Whatsapp Voice Call feature on their Jio Phones. The users just need to go to the Jio Phones App Store and update their Whatsapp application to make Whatapp Voice Calls to their contacts.

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