Which is Best gaming PC Under 30000?

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Which is Best gaming PC Under 30000?

So let’s check out the components for our best gaming PC build under Rs 30,000….Conclusion.

Component Model Price
Processor Intel Core i3-9100F ₹9,490
Motherboard MSI H310M PRO-VDH Plus ₹4,569
Graphics Card ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2GB Graphics Card ₹6,799
RAM Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2666MHz ₹3,650

What are decent PC specs for gaming?

In that regard, here are some general guidelines regarding minimum requirements: a 3.6 GHz i7 3820 processor or equivalent, an NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD RX 480 graphics card, and 8GB of RAM. Keep in mind that this can vary significantly from one game to the next. In any case, you will need a 4K monitor.

What is the cost of CPU?

CPU Price List

CPU Prices
Assembled Intel Core 2 Duo (4 GB DDR2/500 GB/Windows 7 Ultimate/15.1 Inch Screen/ASZC2D5004GB) Rs 10999
ZOONIS Economical Core i5 (8 GB DDR3/500 GB/120 GB SSD/Windows 10 Pro/1 GB 1GB/18.5 Inch Screen/I5-650-8GB_500-120-18.5LED) with MS Office Rs 18999

How can I make a gaming PC under 1 lakh?

  1. Graphics Card: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge (₹53,500)
  2. CPU: Intel Core i5-12400F (₹14,750)
  3. Motherboard: MSI PRO B660M-A (₹13,350)
  4. RAM: ADATA GAMMIX D30 DDR4 3,200MHz 8GBx2 (₹5,300)
  5. Storage: Kingstone NV1 500GB M.
  6. PSU: Corsair CX650F (₹5,299)
  7. Case: SilverStone FARA R1 (₹3,450)

What is the fastest running PC?

AMD’s 64-core, with 128 threads, Ryzen ThreadRipper 3990X desktop PC processor is considered the world’s fastest CPU in 2021. The CPU features a 2.9 GHz base clock and a 4.3 GHz max boost clock that facilitates multitasking and fast load times.

Which Youtuber has the best PC?

5 PC gaming YouTubers to subscribe to in 2021

  • PewDiePie.
  • Shroud.
  • CarryIsLive.
  • BeastboyShub.
  • Rakazone Gaming.
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