Which god name is Aravind?

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Which god name is Aravind?

Hindu god Vishnu
It could also refer to the Sanskrit term aravindākṣa (meaning the “lotus eyed one”), the 347th name used to describe the Hindu god Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranama.

What does the name Arvind mean?

Arvind is a masculine name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “lotus.” This beloved title is popular throughout India, likely due to its divine associations and appealing pronunciation. A name steeped in divinity, Arvind has many connections to the Hindu gods.

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What is the full form of Arvind?

Definition. Options. Rating. ARVIND. Always Ready Very Instantly for Nautanki and Drama.

Is Arvind a Punjabi name?

Arvind is Sikh/Punjabi Boy name and meaning of this name is “Lotus, Wisdom, Name of God”.

Is Aravind a good name?

Arvind is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual. Nothing is conventional with your love of change and adventure. You make sensible decisions very quickly, especially in a dangerous or difficult situation.

What is the lucky number of Arvind?

Personality details of name Arvind

Ruling Planet Mercury
Lucky Colours Light brown and light green
Lucky Days Wednesday and Friday
Lucky Stones Green Emerald
Harmony Numbers 5, 1, 6, 3

What is the full form of Aravind?

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