Where was the Battle of Poltava fought?

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Where was the Battle of Poltava fought?

The Battle of Poltava (8 July 1709) was the decisive and largest battle of the Great Northern War….Battle of Poltava.

Date 8 July 1709
Location Poltava, Cossack Hetmanate, Russia (present-day Ukraine) 49°37′53″N 34°33′10″E

How far is Poltava from the Russian border?

Distance between Poltava and Moscow is 715 kilometers (444 miles). Driving distance from Poltava to Moscow is 828 kilometers (514 miles)….Related Distances from Poltava.

Cities Distance
Poltava to Mendeleyevsk 1746 km

What is Poltava known for?

Poltava is one of the best-known Ukrainian cities. It was made famous by its uncommon fate, plethora of historic monuments and important architectural achievements, as well as its amazing natural recourses, and the inexhaustible cordiality of its denizens.

Is Poltava under Russia?

Geography. Poltava Oblast is situated in the central part of Ukraine. Located on the left bank of Dnieper, Poltava region was part of the Cossack Hetmanate.

What is the significance of the Battle of Poltava?

The German base of Poltava was one of the most powerful in the Ukraine. It was taken with much greater casualties for both sides than either the Russians or the Swedes suffered two centuries ago. It is a Russian victory that Peter the Great would have been proud of. Tonight’s Russian communiqué also announces more great advances.

How many Russians died in the Battle of Poltava?

And it is interesting to note that some 42,000 Russians engaged some 27,000 Swedes in this ancient battle. (When the fighting was over only some 1,300 Russians were killed.) The modern battle for Poltava has been going on for about a month since the Red Army advance west of Kharkov.

What is the Poltava project?

The battleship Poltava project is a faithful recreation for museum purposes of the first large ship of the Russian Navy, launched at the St. Petersburg Admiralty in 1712.

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