Where is the treasure in Jamaica Plain?

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Where is the treasure in Jamaica Plain?

Once through the door guarded by the trip wires, traveling through the remainder of the basement and a few more doors (or the shortcut) will lead to the “treasure” of Jamaica Plain, containing the 2076 World Series baseball bat and many unique pre-War items not found elsewhere in the game.

Is Jamaica Plain a good settlement?

Settlement information However, it’s a rare settlement that is an actual town with architecture. Salvage in Jamaica Plain is rather sparse compared to other sites, but its location as one of the few southeastern settlements makes it a good location for a Minutemen artillery piece.

Where is the mayor’s safe in Fallout 4?

The Boston Mayoral Shelter is a base Location in the Western area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the Southwest of Fort Hagen and just South of the Fort Hagen Satellite Array.

Where is the workshop in Jamaica Plain Fallout 4?

The garage is just west of the church, and contains the workshop of Jamaica Plain, as well as a power armor station. The town hall is in the west central part of town. The first floor has the mayor’s terminal and a door to the basement, while the second floor has Sal lying dead in the northwest corner.

Why is it called Jamaica Plains?

Jamaica Plain As in the case of Jamaica in Queens, New York, it comes from the name of a Native American tribe called the Jameco. JP became part of Boston in 1874. Interestingly, it was part of the town of Roxbury and parts of Jamaica Plain became the town of West Roxbury.

How did Hyde Park get its name?

The park’s name comes from the Manor of Hyde, which was the northeast sub-division of the manor of Eia (the other two sub-divisions were Ebury and Neyte) and appears as such in the Domesday Book.

How do I find the treasures of Jamaica Plain?

Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain is a miscellaneous quest triggered by finding Hadrian’s body, which appears randomly throughout the Commonwealth and listening to Hadrian’s invitation located in his inventory.

Where can I find (Jamaica Plains quest)?

This is a miscellaneous side quest that can be picked up from looting a corpse on the second level of Jamaica Plains Building, and listening to Sal’s Holotape.

How do I get to the church in Jamaica Plain?

First fast travel to your settlement at Jamaica Plain. Head towards the east exit of the settlement and you will see a large church with a red door, which will be closed and chained. Venture around the right side over the windows.

Where can I find the time capsule in Jamaica Plain?

It can be found in the Treasures exhibit in the Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement . Welcome to the Treasures of Jamaica Plain. Within the walls of this time capsule, you, our descendants, will find the items and mementos we treasured in the year 2077.

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