Where is the meniscus located and what is its main purpose?

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Where is the meniscus located and what is its main purpose?

Between the thighbone and the shinbone there are two wedge-shaped cartilages “the meniscus”. Each knee has two “menisci”. They are very tough, smooth and rubbery and their cushioning of the joint keeps it stable. The meniscus is often thought of as being shock absorbers between the thighbone and the shinbone.

What is the best treatment for a meniscus?


  • Rest. Avoid activities that aggravate your knee pain, especially any activity that causes you to twist, rotate or pivot your knee.
  • Ice. Ice can reduce knee pain and swelling.
  • Medication. Over-the-counter pain relievers also can help ease knee pain.

What causes a meniscus tear?

Causes of a meniscus tear The meniscus can be torn during activities that cause direct contact or pressure from a forced twist or rotation. A sudden pivot or turn, deep squatting, or heavy lifting can lead to injury. Many athletes are at risk for a meniscus tear.

What is the function of meniscus?

The menisci increase stability for femorotibial articulation, distribute axial load, absorb shock, and provide lubrication and nutrition to the knee joint. Injuries to the menisci are recognized as a cause of significant musculoskeletal morbidity.

Can a meniscus tear heal?

In the case of meniscus tears, some people think the injury will heal over time on its own. But the truth is that there are different types of meniscus tears — and some tears won’t heal without treatment. If your tear is on the outer one-third of the meniscus, it may heal on its own or be repaired surgically.

What is meniscus made of?

The menisci are made of fibrocartilage, a special type of cartilage. They function as shock absorbers and force distributors that help to stabilize the knee. Injuries to the meniscus are the most common, and the medial meniscus is torn more often than the lateral meniscus.

Is the meniscus a bone?

A meniscus is a piece of cartilage found where two bones meet (joint space). Menisci (plural of meniscus) protect and cushion the joint surface and bone ends. In the knee, the crescent-shaped menisci are positioned between the ends of the upper (femur) and lower (tibia) leg bones.

What is a meniscus and what does it do?

[edit on Wikidata] A meniscus is a crescent-shaped fibrocartilaginous anatomical structure that, in contrast to an articular disc, only partly divides a joint cavity.

What does Crescent meniscus mean?

something of crescent shape, as the concave or convex surface of a column of liquid in a pipet or medication cup, or a crescent-shaped fibrocartilage (semilunar cartilage) in the knee joint. adj., adj menis´cal. Measuring medication at the meniscus.

What is the structure of the menisci of the knee?

Structure. The menisci of the knee are two pads of fibrocartilaginous tissue which serve to disperse friction in the knee joint between the lower leg ( tibia) and the thigh ( femur ). They are concave on the top and flat on the bottom, articulating with the tibia. They are attached to the small depressions…

What is a meniscus boundary in physics?

In physics, the term “meniscus” can either apply to the boundary between a liquid and its container or to a type of lens used in optics. A meniscus lens is a convex-concave lens in which one face curves outward, while the other face curves inward.

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