Where is the Fender Duo-Sonic made?

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Where is the Fender Duo-Sonic made?

Fender Duo-Sonic, an excellent Fender Made in Mexico, in Desert Sand! With its scale of 610 mm instead of 648 mm on a normal Strat, this Fender Duo-Sonic is terribly sexy! Especially in that Desert Sand finish with its anodized plate which is a must have for this model.

Is the duo Sonic a good guitar?

If you’re looking for a compact electric guitar with a great reputation and tons of character, Fender Duo-Sonic HS should definitely be on your radar. This modern remake of a classic vintage guitar originally presented in 1956 offers exceptional playability and superb sound supported by its great pickup configuration.

How many frets does a Sonic Duo have?

22 FRETS. Adding another fret lets you bend the highest D up to an E, giving you access to four octaves of musical possibilities.

Who uses a Fender Duo-Sonic?

Artists who’ve wielded Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic guitars include: Jimi Hendrix, who played a 1959 or 1960 Duo-Sonic when he backed up the Isley Brothers during a 1964 tour. David Byrne, who largely used a Duo-Sonic on the Talking Heads’ first two albums, Talking Heads: 77 and More Songs About Buildings and Food.

Are the Mustang and Duo-Sonic bodies the same?

Give yourself a sticker if you spotted that the Duo-Sonic’s bridge pickup isn’t angled like the one on the Mustang, but there’s more to it than that. While the units themselves look identical – and all four give DC resistance readings in the low sixes – they’re not actually the same across both models.

Who uses a Fender Duo Sonic?

What is Duo-Sonic good for?

Forget the Duo-Sonic’s “starter” guitar reputation—this is a compact pit bull that can deliver super-aggressive bridge and neck tones that are the ideal hybrid of Tele twang and Strat squall.

What year did the Fender Duo-Sonic come out?

The Fender Duo-Sonic was introduced in 1956. Like the Musicmaster introduced a few months earlier, it featured basic but effective construction and a 22.5 inch scale length (standard Fender guitars feature a 25.5 inch scale) and cost $149.50.

Are Duo-Sonic offset?

The Fender Duo Sonic was first introduced as a student model back in 1956 and has come a long way since then. Now offered as part of Fender’s Offset selection, the Duo Sonic has become a very popular choice.

When did the Fender Duo-Sonic come out?

What pickups are in a Fender Duo-Sonic?

The original “Duo-Sonic” features two single-coil pickups and a vertical switch on the lower horn of the body to select bridge, neck or both pickups in a humbucking style configuration (as opposed to the blade switch more common on Fender guitars).

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