Where is Tarakan island?

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Where is Tarakan island?

It is situated in the eastern Celebes Sea, off the northeastern coast of Borneo. The island has a length of approximately 10 miles (16 km) and an area of 117 square miles (303 square km). Its coastal area is low and swampy, and there are oil fields on the southwestern coast.

Where was the Battle of Tarakan?

Dutch East IndiesTarakan Island
Battle of Tarakan/Locations

When was the Battle of Tarakan?

May 1, 1945 – June 21, 1945Battle of Tarakan / Period

What is the capital of North Kalimantan?

Tanjung Selor
The capital of North Kalimantan is Tanjung Selor, on the eastern coast. Indonesia in its entirety (upper map) and the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa (lower map).

Where is Morotai?

Morotai, also called Morty, island in Maluku Utara (North Moluccas) provinsi (province), Indonesia. It is situated northeast of the larger island of Halmahera.

When did Australian troops go to Borneo?

During 1945, Australian forces totalling some 75,000 men, along with several dozen women of the nursing and medical women’s services, were committed to taking part in or supporting the amphibious landings in Borneo.

When did Australia fight in Borneo?

Between May and July 1945, the Allies launched a three-pronged attack on Borneo, first at Tarakan and then six weeks later at Brunei Bay. These landings were conducted by the 9th Australian Division, which had served at Tobruk and El Alamein in 1941 and 1942 and in New Guinea in 1943.

What is the youngest province of Indonesia?

North Kalimantan Province
North Kalimantan Province; the youngest Province in Indonesia.

How do you get to Morotai Island?

The nearest airport to Morotai is on the island of Ternate. Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air serve regular flights to Ternate. From here you must travel overland to Tobelo, in North Halmahera, then take a ferry to Daruba on Morotai. The sea journey takes around two hours.

Did Australia fight in Borneo?

Who invaded Borneo?

Borneo campaign

Borneo campaign (1945)
Australia United Kingdom North Borneo United States Netherlands Dutch East Indies Japan
Commanders and leaders
Douglas MacArthur Leslie Morshead Thomas Kinkaid Michiaki Kamada Masao Baba