Where is Saint-Gilles located?

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Where is Saint-Gilles located?

The city of Saint-Gilles is located in the township of Saint-Gilles part of the district of Nîmes. The area code for Saint-Gilles is 30258 (also known as code INSEE), and the Saint-Gilles zip code is 30800. The altitude of the city hall of Saint-Gilles is approximately 10 meters.

Where did the name of Saint Giles come from?

In 1630, the church of Sant’Egidio in Trastevere in Rome was dedicated to him, and which since 1968 has housed the lay Community of Sant’Egidio . The centuries-long presence of Crusaders, many of them of French origin, left the name of Saint Giles in some locations in the Middle East.

Where is Fromentine located?

In Vendée, in the bay of Bourgneuf, at the gates of Noirmoutier, Fromentine is located at the junction of the continent towards the island of Noirmoutier. Fromentine is surrounded by beaches known to be safe for toddlers.

What is Saint-Gilles famous for?

Saint-Gilles was the birthplace of Guy Foulques, Pope Clement IV (died 1268), whose natal house is now a museum of the archaeology, ethnology and ornithology of the Camargue. Saint-Gilles is more recently the birthplace of the author Georges-Jean Arnaud (born 1928).

Saint-Gilles (English: St. Giles; Provençal: Sant Geli) or Saint-Gilles-du-Gard is a commune in the Gard department in southern France . It is the second most populous commune in the Nîmes metropolitan area .

Where can I find media related to Saint-Gilles-du-Gard?

The Façade of Saint-Gilles-du-Gard: Its Influence on French Sculpture (Wesleyan University Press,) Wikimedia Commons has media related to Saint-Gilles (Gard). The West Portal of the Abbey of Saint-Gilles A tinted plaster caste at the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh.

What is the significance of the shrine of Saint Gilles?

The shrine of Saint Gilles, located in the crypt of the church, is the subject of pilgrimage in particular by women wishing to become pregnant or dealing with infertility. Saint-Gilles was the birthplace of Guy Foulques, Pope Clement IV (died 1268), whose natal house is now a museum of the archaeology,…

When was the abbey of Saint-Gilles founded?

The abbey of Saint-Gilles was founded during the seventh century traditionally by the hermit Saint Giles ( Latin Ægidius ), whose relics the abbey possessed.

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