Where is Pat Parelli now?

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Where is Pat Parelli now?

Where is Pat Parelli Now? Pat Parelli is based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where Parelli Natural Horsemanship is headquartered. He has two instructional centers, one in Pagosa Springs and another in Ocala, Florida.

What did Pat Parelli do?

Pat Parelli (born 1954) is an American horse trainer who practices natural horsemanship and founded the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program….

Pat Parelli
Occupation Horse trainer
Spouse(s) Karen Parelli Hagen, Linda Parelli

Where is Chris Cox located?

He now spends his summers at the Triangle C Ranch in Wyoming. Chris is also the headliner clinician/speaker at several Horse Expos throughout the United States and Europe. His television show, Chris Cox Horsemanship, airs weekly on RFD-TV.

What is Parelli Natural horsemanship?

No matter your horse’s problem, the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program will help you to understand why your horse behaves a certain way, and how to improve it in a step by step program using the principles of Love, Language, and Leadership. Is your horse hard to catch? Won’t load in a trailer?

What is the Parelli program?

The Parelli Program will teach you the skills to solve these problems and teach your horse to be confident and think his way through any situation. Having the expertise and savvy to solve problems, improve your ground and riding skills, teach your horse new things, and ultimately be safe and have fun with your horse?

Why join the Parelli savvy club?

Whether you are a recreational or competitive rider, want to go professional, or work with horses for a living as a Parelli Professional, the Parelli Program is the secret to success with horses and the Parelli Savvy Club has the tools and resources to help you get there.

How do I become a Parelli leader?

Join the Savvy Club and take the step-by-step Parelli Levels program with you to the barn. Join us at a Parelli Campus for a course and get hands-on training from Pat Parelli or a Licensed Parelli Professional. It’s a positive environment designed to help you grow as a leader and to strengthen your partnership with your horse as you progress.

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