Where is Avadh Assam Express now 15910?

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Where is Avadh Assam Express now 15910?

15910 – Avadh Assam Express Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
Lalgarh Source No Delay
Lunkaransar 08:45PM / 08:45PM No Delay
Mahajan 09:17PM / 09:17PM No Delay
Suratgarh 10:30PM / 10:30PM No Delay

Where is Avadh Assam train?

Avadh Assam Express -15910 ( Lalgarh Junction to New Tinsukia Junction )

No. Station name (code) Arrives
20 Delhi Kishangnj (DKZ) 06:51
21 Delhi (DLI) 07:15
22 Ghaziabad (GZB) 08:40
23 Pilkhua (PKW) 09:11

What is the route of Avadh Assam Express?

The significant stoppages are at Guwahati, Kamakhya, Rangiya, Barpeta Road, New Bongaigaon, New Alipurduar, New Cooch Behar, Dhupguri, New Jalpaiguri, Kishanganj, Barsoi, Katihar, Barauni, Samastipur, Muzaffarpur, Hajipur, Chhapra, Siwan, Deoria Sadar, Gorakhpur, Gonda, and Lucknow Charbagh NR.

What is the time of Avadh Assam Express?

The Avadh Assam Exp 15909 mail express departs from Dibrugarh at 10:20 hrs and arrives at Lalgarh Jn at 04:10 hrs.

Where is my train Assam?

15909 – Avadh Assam Express Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
New Bongaigaon 01:10AM / 01:10AM No Delay
New Alipurduar 02:40AM / 02:40AM No Delay
New Cooch Behar 03:08AM / 03:08AM No Delay
Dhupguri 04:00AM / 04:00AM No Delay

Is Avadh Assam train Cancelled?

The Avadh Assam Express is rescheduled to originate from New Tinsukia and will remain cancelled between Dibrugarh and New Tinsukia.

How many Avadh Assam Express are there?

Avadh Assam Express

Termini Dibrugarh (DBRG) Lalgarh (LGH)
Stops 81
Distance travelled 3,116 km (1,936 mi)
Average journey time 65 hours 50 mins

Which is the longest railway route in India?

Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
One of the Vivek Express trains, the one from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari, is the longest route on the Indian Railways network, in terms of distance and time, and is currently the 24th longest in the world.

Are local trains running in Assam?

GUWAHATI: The railways have resumed services of short-distance trains, locals and intercity specials in Assam to facilitate the easy commute of passengers, as inter-district travel by road continues to remain suspended since May 13.

Where is Vivek Express now?

15906 Vivek Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Halt Time
DIBRUGARH (DBRG) 19:25 Start
NEW TINSUKIA JN (NTSK) 20:10 10 mins
NAHARKATIYA (NHK) 20:48 2 mins
SIMALUGURI JN (SLGR) 21:48 2 mins

Is Hirakud Express running today?

20807 Hirakud Express train runs from Visakhapatnam (VSKP) to Amritsar Jn (ASR) on Tue, Fri, Sat. 20807 train covers 44 stations. The departure time for 20807 Hirakud Express from Visakhapatnam is 00:25. The arrival time to Amritsar Jn is 22:50.

Is Avadh Assam Express running?

15910 Avadh Assam Exp Running Status The departure time for 15910 Avadh Assam Exp from Lalgarh Jn is 19:50. The arrival time to DIBRUGARH is 14:35.

Why Avadh Assam is Cancelled?

In view of the massive protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Assam, the Northeast Frontier Railway on Wednesday cancelled many trains and rescheduled a few that originate from the state.

Which is the smallest train in India?

This marvel occupies pride of place at the National Rail Museum, with the Hasang, India’s smallest locomotive.

When local train will start in Assam?

Northeast Frontier Railway has decided to resume the services of two pairs of daily passenger special trains between New Bongaigaon and Guwahati for the benefit of local passengers. One train will run via Goalpara and another will run via Rangiya from September 22, 2021.

Which is the biggest railway station in Assam?

Dibrugarh railway station is a railway junction station on the Lumding–Dibrugarh section. It is located in Dibrugarh district in the Indian state of Assam….Dibrugarh railway station.

Elevation 108 metres (354 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Northeast Frontier Railway zone
Line(s) Lumding–Dibrugarh section

Which is the fastest train in India?

Vande Bharat Express
As of 2021, the fastest train of India is Vande Bharat Express with a top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph) which it attained during a trial run, while the fastest operating train is the Gatimaan Express with a top operating speed of 160 km/h (99 mph).

Where is Hirakud Express now?

20807 train covers 45 stations. The departure time for 20807 Hirakud Express from Visakhapatnam is 00:25. The arrival time to Amritsar Jn is 22:50….20807 Hirakud Express Running Status.

Station Chatrapur 299 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 04:59 04:58
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 05:01 05:00
Delay 1min