Where is Aleksandar Vucic from?

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Where is Aleksandar Vucic from?

Belgrade, SerbiaAleksandar Vučić / Place of birth

Who is Aleksandar Vucic father?

Anđelko VučićAleksandar Vučić / Father

How old is Aleksandar Vucic?

52 years (March 5, 1970)Aleksandar Vučić / Age

How long is Vucic President?

President of Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia
Seat Novi dvor (Belgrade)
Nominator political parties represented in the National Assembly
Appointer direct popular vote
Term length Five years renewable once

How tall is Aleksandar Vučić?

6′ 6″Aleksandar Vučić / Height

How tall is Edi Rama?

6′ 7″Edi Rama / Height

How tall is vučić?

What is Serbian president salary?

Member states and observers of the United Nations, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the European Union

State Head of state annual salary
Serbia 14,950 USD (President)
Seychelles 23,700 USD (President)
Sierra Leone 12,220 USD (President)
Singapore 1,442,000 USD (President)

How old is Sali Berisha?

77 years (October 15, 1944)Sali Berisha / Age

Who is Albanian Prime Minister?

Edi RamaAlbania / Prime minister

Who ran against Barack Obama in 2012?

Incumbent President Barack Obama won the nomination unanimously at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and was re-elected as President in the general election by defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney . As expected for the incumbent president, Obama won every primary election, but faced more difficulty than projected.

Who did Mitt Romney defeat in the 2012 election?

Romney was officially announced as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee on August 28, 2012. He was defeated by incumbent President Barack Obama in the general election on November 6, 2012.

Did Martin Hamlin run for president in 2012?

On April 25, 2012, Martin dropped his bid for the nomination and announced his intent to remain politically active within the race until the 2012 Republican national convention, at which point he endorsed nominee Mitt Romney. Stewart Greenleaf, Pennsylvania State Senator, signed up for the New Hampshire primary ballot on October 28, 2011.

Will Jim DeMint run for president in 2012?

Retrieved May 22, 2011. ^ (June 14, 2011) “Sen. Jim DeMint says he will not seek presidency in 2012” Archived July 26, 2011, at the Wayback Machine, The State Column. Retrieved June 20, 2011.

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