Where does Ultra Europe take place?

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Where does Ultra Europe take place?

Split, Croatia

Ultra Europe
Venue Poljud Stadium 8 Mediteranskih Igara 2, 21000, Split, Croatia (2013–2018) Park Mladeži (2019)
Location(s) Split, Croatia Hvar, Croatia Brač, Croatia Vis, Croatia
Years active 2013–2022 (Croatia)
Organized by Ultra Worldwide

Does Ultra Europe have 2021?

June 26, 2021 – Ultra Europe 2021 has officially been canceled, the organizers announced on Facebook on Saturday. Ultra Europe, one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, will not be held this year either, the organizers finally confirmed.

Do you camp at Ultra Europe?

Enter the world of the ultimate Ultra Europe festival experience – Official Ultra Europe’s Campsite BEACHVILLE is the place to be in 2022! Thousands of festival goers will enjoy their stay in Beach Houses, camping tents and other cool campsite accommodation options.

Where is Ultra Split?

Youth Park2022 Ultra Europe / Location

How many people visit Ultra Europe?

Today, we can proudly point out that this is Croatia’s largest international music event. We have more than 140,000 visitors from more than 140 countries during the seven days of the festival.

What time is Ultra music festival?

Mar 24 – Mar 26, 2023Ultra Music Festival / Dates

Is ultra a camping festival?

It is opened each day. During the festival days it is some kind of a warm up place for all party people in campsite. With acts starting before Ultra and end after it you are guaranteed to have fun at parties all the time!

How many people attended Ultra Europe?

We have more than 140,000 visitors from more than 140 countries during the seven days of the festival. We have generated immeasurable marketing results, and this is not the end.

What city is ultra Croatia in?

city of Split
Ultra Europe is a huge Croatian dance music festival and the European edition of the global event brand, held each summer in the Croatian city of Split.

Where is ultra2022?

Bayfront Park2022 Ultra Music Festival / Location

How big is ultra Europe?

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