Where does lezginka dance come from?

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Where does lezginka dance come from?

lezginka, also spelled Lezghinka, folk dance originating among the Lezgian people of the Caucasus. It is a male solo dance (often with a sword) and also a couple dance. The man, imitating the eagle, falls to his knees, leaps up, and dances with concise steps and strong, sharp arm and body movements.

What countries dance lezginka?

The Lezginka, also spelled Lezghinka, is the Russian-language collective name for the traditional folk dances, as well as musical accompaniment to the dances, originating in the Caucasus Mountains (present-day countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia).

How do Russian folk dancers glide?

The troupe is known for their floating ‘step’ technique, which is very difficult to perfect, according to Nadezhdina. “Not even all our dancers can do it,” she told The New York Times in 1972. “You have to move in very small steps on very low half‐toe with the body held in a certain corresponding position.”

How do you pronounce lezginka?


  1. IPA: /lɛzˈɡiŋ.ka/
  2. Rhymes: -iŋka.
  3. Syllabification: lez‧gin‧ka.

What is Russian floating dance called?

The Beryozka or Berezka Dance Ensemble (in Russian: Берёзка, ‘little birch tree’) is a troupe of female dancers founded by Russian choreographer and dancer Nadezhda Nadezhdina in 1948 in the Soviet Union which specializes in performing in long gowns and moving across the stage as though on wheels or floating.

What is the most popular Russian dance?

Russian dances

  • Kamarinskaya.
  • Khorovod.
  • Kozachok.
  • Squat dance.
  • Troika.
  • Tropak.
  • Yablochko.
  • Beryozka.

What is turfing dance?

Turfing (or turf dancing) is a form of street dance that originated in Oakland, California, characterized by rhythmic movement combined with waving, floor moves, gliding, flexing and cortortioning.

What does berezka mean in Russian?

Beryozka or Berezka (both transliterated from Cyrillic Берёзка) may refer to. Beryozka (Russian retail store) Beryozka (Russian dance troupe) Beryozka (Russian dance) Berezka, a village in Poland.

What is the famous Russian dance?

The squat dance
The squat dance is an integral feature of Russian folk culture. With kicks in the air, turns, and stomping movements, it is one of the main elements in Russian fast dances. The squat dance appears in Russian dances such as Barynya, Leto, Kalinka, Yablochko, Trepak, Kozachok and others.