Where did the Gill family come from?

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Where did the Gill family come from?

Early Origins of the Gill family The surname Gill was first found in Yorkshire, where the Domesday Book of 1086 listed Ghille, Ghile, Ghil. Gamel filius Gille was a Knights Templar in Yorkshire in 1185. Johannes films Gille was listed in the Subsidy Rolls for Yorkshire in 1297.

What does the last name Gill come from?

in Northern English, Scots and Norwegian, it may be a topographic name, ultimately derived from Old Norse gil ‘ravine’; for example: Lord Gill. in Punjab, a clan of Jats (ਗਿੱਲ or گل) as a surname, an anglicization of the Scottish or Irish patronymic McGill (or Mac Gille, Mac An Ghoill and variants)

What does Gill mean in Irish?

Servant; Son of Gill
Origin:Irish. Popularity:12473. Meaning:Servant; Son of Gill. Gill is a gender-neutral name that originated as a surname on the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

Is Gill a Viking name?

As a northern English surname, from Middle English gil (“ravine, glen”), from Old Norse gil. The Old Norse is also a source of the Norwegian surname.

What ethnicity is the name gill?

Meaning ‘son of Gill’, Gill is an ancient baptismal name. This name is of Celtic origin and is found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is found in many mediaeval manuscripts in these countries.

Is gill a low caste?

Castes like cheema, Brar, Gill are lower caste from time immemorial , they are jatt therefore shudra class.

Is gill Irish or Scottish?

English and Scottish: in northern England and Scotland sometimes from Middle English Gille Old Norse Gilli which is of Irish (Gaelic) origin (see below) and pronounced with a hard g. As a personal name it is not found after c. 1200.

Is there a gill tartan?

The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the “Gill, Anil (Personal)” tartan is shown below….Tartan Details – Gill, Anil (Personal)

Reference: 11496
Tartan date: 01/03/2016
Registration date: 24 March 2016
Category: Name

Is Gill an Indian surname?

Indian (Panjab) : Sikh name, probably from Panjabi gil ‘moisture’, also meaning ‘prosperity’. There is a Jat tribe that bears this name; the Ramgarhia Sikhs also have a clan called Gill.

What ethnicity is the name Gill?

What is the caste of gill?

Gill is One of the larger Jat clans. Historically, the Gills were found as far west as Sargodha and far east as Patiala. Many also settled in the canal colonies of Faisalabad and Sahiwal. They remain the third largest Muslim Jat tribe, after the Sandhus and Sidhus.

Is Gill Irish or Scottish?

What is the origin of the last name Gill?

Last name: Gill. Recorded as Gill, Gille and Gilles, this is a surname of several possible national origins and meanings. Firstly, it may be English and Scottish, and have originated as a nickname form of the personal name Giles, or perhaps more surprisingly, from William. The ultimate origin of Giles was the Greek word “aigidion”, meaning kid

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  • How to pronounce Gill in English?

    TBONZ GILL pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more The correct way to pronounce the name Kaufmann in German is? kauf-MAAN

    What does the name Gill mean?

    What does Gill mean? Gill as a boys’ name (also used as girls’ name Gill) is pronounced gil. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Gill is “servant”. Also a short form of Irish names that begin with Gil-. Also form of Gilbert.

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