Where can I buy Hop Valley?

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Where can I buy Hop Valley?

Hop Valley Brewing Co. : Target.

Who Is Hop Valley owned by?

Molson Coors
Hop Valley, founded in Springfield in 2009, was purchased in 2016 by megabrewery MillerCoors, which is now Molson Coors, and is part of the corporation’s Tenth & Blake craft division.

What kind of beer is Hop Valley?

Product description. Hop Valley Bubble Stash India Pale Ale Beer is a traditional craft beer that reaches into the secret stash of hops to create a tropical dankness in a refreshingly different IPA.

Is Hop Valley Brewing independent?

Most well known for its Alphadelic and Citruss Mistress IPAs, Hop Valley was founded in Springfield, Oregon in 2009. In 2015 it brewed around 38,000 barrels. Per the norm, it will remain independently operated (on paper).

Who started Hop Valley?

Chuck Hare
Chuck Hare, one of the founders of Hop Valley, said the owners still have “substantial ownership” with the new partnership. He declined to share specific financial aspects of the deal. Hop Valley operates brewpubs in the Gateway area of Springfield and Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene.

Who founded Hop Valley?

I can’t wait to dive in.” Along with co-founders Jonas Kunygys and Trevor Howard and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Walter Macbeth, Hare helped grow 10-year-old Hop Valley from a 1,000-barrel start-up into one of the fastest-growing craft brewers in the Pacific Northwest over the past decade.

Is Hop Valley an IPA?

Hop Valley India Pale Ale beer variety pack offers even more flavors for a refreshingly different IPA beer experience. This India Pale Ale beer stash pack is between 6%-8.7% ABV and is a smooth, refreshing craft alcohol that will help you kick back and relax after a long work week.

What is in Hop Valley beer?

Hop Valley – US Bubble Stash is brewed exclusively with late addition Mosaic Cryo Hops®, bringing a touch of dank resin and escalating Mosaic’s natural blueberry, tangerine and stone fruit characteristics to new altitudes.

Who started Hop Valley Brewing?

Who owns Coors Brewing?

Molson CoorsAdolph Coors Company
Coors Brewing Company/Parent organizations

Where is Hop Valley beer brewed?

Hop Valley Brewing Co. has played on its home turf of the Pacific Northwest until now—but its IPA-driven lineup could be the cheat code that earns it coast-to-coast attention. The Eugene, Oregon brewery has been one of the quietest, but strongest, beer success stories this year.

What is the alcohol content in Hop Valley?

Where is Hop Valley Brewing Company from?

Founded in Eugene, Oregon, in 2009 by four relentlessly curious beer guys with a knack for brewing highly original beers, Hop Valley Brewing was built on its colorful personalities and counter-culture community.