When did the i5 bridge collapse?

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When did the i5 bridge collapse?

May 23, 2013
On May 23, 2013, at approximately 7:00 pm PDT, a span of the bridge carrying Interstate 5 over the Skagit River in the U.S. state of Washington collapsed….I-5 Skagit River bridge collapse.

I-5 Skagit River bridge
Opened 1955
Collapsed May 23, 2013
Daily traffic 70925

What bridge collapsed in Seattle?

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses due to high winds on November 7, 1940. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was built in Washington during the 1930s and opened to traffic on July 1, 1940. It spanned the Puget Sound from Gig Harbor to Tacoma, which is 40 miles south of Seattle.

Who filmed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse?

The collapse of the bridge was recorded on Kodachrome 16 mm film by Barney Elliott and Harbine Monroe, owners of The Camera Shop in Tacoma, and shows Farquharson leaving the bridge after trying to rescue Tubby and making observations in the middle of the bridge.

Why did the Maccabiah bridge collapse?

One athlete died in the collapse and three died afterwards due to infections caused by exposure to the polluted river water….

Maccabiah bridge collapse
Date: July 14, 1997
Place: Yarkon River, Tel Aviv, Israel
Cause: Faulty construction
Result: 4 Australian athletes killed, / 60+ injured

What caused the Tacoma bridge collapse?

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed primarily due to the aeroelastic flutter. In ordinary bridge design, the wind is allowed to pass through the structure by incorporating trusses. In contrast, in the case of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, it was forced to move above and below the structure, leading to flow separation.

What happened to the 35W bridge?

Shortly after 6 pm on August 1, 2007, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis was loaded with rush hour traffic creeping through an ongoing construction project. Without warning, the bridge collapsed, taking with it 111 vehicles. Thirteen people died and 145 were injured.

When did the Maccabiah bridge collapse?

July 14, 1997
The Maccabiah bridge collapse was the catastrophic failure of a pedestrian bridge over the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 14, 1997.

How do you qualify for the Maccabiah Games?

What are the North American requirements for an athlete to qualify? Each athlete must be Jewish and have at least one Jewish parent and must be between the ages of 13 and 16 as of July 31 of the year of the Games for which the athlete is registering.

What was the deadliest bridge collapse in the United States?

I-35W Mississippi River Bridge
I-35W Mississippi River Bridge During the evening rush-hour on August 1, 2007, the center span of an eight-lane, steel truss arch bridge—one that carried Interstate 35W over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota—suddenly collapsed. Adjoining sections then crumbled.

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