When did Michael Lindsay leave bleach?

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When did Michael Lindsay leave bleach?

As for Bleach, the voice actor brought Kisuke Urahara to life, and his tenure on Digimon saw Lindsay tackle Joe Kido and Greymon. In the past few years, Lindsay has been absent from the anime community following his decision to retire in 2012.

Who voices Kankuro English?

Michael Lindsay is the English dub voice of Kankuro in Naruto, and Yasuyuki Kase is the Japanese voice.

Who voices Lindsay Michael?

Michael Lindsay (May 9, 1963 – August 31, 2019) was an American voice actor who worked largely in anime, credited often as Dylan Tully….

Michael Lindsay
Years active 1979–2012
Children 2

Who voices kisuke urahara in bleach?

Shin-ichiro MikiKisuke Urahara / Voiced byShin-ichiro Miki is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo. He is a member of 81 Produce.
Miki is known for his distinctively smooth voice and often calm delivery in the roles he has landed. He often gets cast as handsome young men in anime, perhaps the most notable being Youji Kudou – Balinese and Kojirō. Wikipedia

Is Michael Lindsay dead?

August 31, 2019Michael Lindsay / Date of death

Is Naruto voice actor a girl?

Maile FlanaganJunko TakeuchiStephanie ShehEma KogureCindy Robinson
Naruto Uzumaki/Voice actors

Who plays yoruichi in Bleach?

Wendee LeeBleachSatsuki YukinoBleach
Yoruichi Shihouin/Voiced by

Who is the voice of pervy sage?

David Lodge (voice actor)

Who voices Tatsuki Bleach?

Junko NodaTatsuki Arisawa / Voiced by

Is Boruto named after Neji?

Boruto’s first name is a reference to his first cousin once removed Neji Hyuga as an homage to his death in Naruto while protecting both of Boruto’s parents.

What is Jiraiya’s last name?

Shuma Hiroyuki, later known as Jiraiya, using a heavy gun to defeat a huge snake that preyed on his toads.

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