Whats the meaning of confab?

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Whats the meaning of confab?

Definition of confab 1 : chat sense 1. 2 : discussion, conference.

Why do people say Conflab instead of confab?

“Confab” is clearly the original abbreviation and appears in significantly more works of reference than “conflab”, which seems to be a later corruption of “confab” and has become the more used variation in recent years, possibly because of the additional connotation of “flab”-biness or looseness/informality of the …

Where does Confab come from?

“a talking together, chatting, familiar talk,” mid-15c., from Late Latin confabulationem (nominative confabulatio), noun of action from past participle stem of Latin confabulari “to converse together,” from assimilated form of. confab (v.)

How do you use confab in a sentence?

Confab sentence example

  1. The telephone confab was between Rose and Cynthia and apparently the two spoke with like mind.
  2. He fixed himself a cheese sandwich and joined the parlor confab.
  3. After a quick confab to decide on the course of action, our super sleuths set off to rescue the guests.

Is there such a word as Conflab?

(informal) A discussion.

What does Confabulous mean?

/ˈkɒn.fæb/ an informal discussion, usually about one particular subject: They had a quick confab to decide on a possible design. Synonym. chat.

What is a tete in a relationship?

tete-a-tete – a private conversation between two people.

What does dadburn mean?

Adjective. dadburn (not comparable) (US, informal, euphemistic) goddamned quotations ▼

What is the difference between lying and confabulation?

Confabulation is not lying. Confabulation differs from other forms of falsehood. Confabulators have no reason to tell a lie and don’t realize that they’re not telling the truth. Their brains simply filled in some missing spots with false information. Some people have called this “honest lying”.

What does dad gum mean?

Dadgum definition (US, euphemistic) Goddamned. It’s just too dadgum hot to run in the park. adverb. 1.

What’s the difference between confabulation and lying?

What is the meaning of informal confab?

Informal n. A casual talk; confabulation. intr.v. con·fabbed , con·fab·bing , con·fabs To talk casually. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English… Confab – definition of confab by The Free Dictionary

What is a synonym for confab?

Synonyms for confab. Synonyms. argument, argumentation, argy-bargy [chiefly British], back-and-forth, colloquy, confabulation, conference, consult, consultation, council, counsel, debate, deliberation, dialogue (also dialog), discussion, give-and-take, palaver, parley, talk.

What is the verb for confabulation?

A casual talk; confabulation. intr.v. (kən-făb′, kŏn′făb′) con·fabbed, con·fab·bing, con·fabs

What is confab Inc?

Way back in 1955, Leonard Pearlstein formed Penn Trading, the company that would become Confab Inc. For the third year, Top Women in Grocery’s confab featured a daytime leadership development program, which began with a welcome breakfast.

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