What was the biggest Iron Maiden concert?

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What was the biggest Iron Maiden concert?

In addition to the Eastern Bloc, the band performed their first show in South America, co-headlining the Rock in Rio festival with Queen, with an attendance of 300,000 (thus making it the largest concert the band have ever played).

Who opened for Iron Maiden in 2012?

Iron Maiden have just announced that the band will extensively tour North America in 2012 for two months from June through August with special guest Alice Cooper until July 21 and special guests Coheed and Cambria from July 21 until the end of the tour.

When was the last Iron Maiden concert?

Legacy of the Beast World Tour

Location Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia & Oceania
Start date 26 May 2018
End date 27 October 2022
No. of shows 140
Iron Maiden concert chronology

How many people rocked in Rio 2001?

The band played to approximately 250,000 people; the second largest crowd of their career (the band’s largest concert attendance was their 1985 Rock In Rio performance to an audience of 350,000) and with the relatively recent return of lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith to the band, they recorded …

Who opened for Iron Maiden in 2013?

3 in Raleigh, N.C., which will mark Iron Maiden’s first-ever trek to the city in the act’s near-40-year history. Iron Maiden’s Sept. 13 show in San Bernardino, Calif., is even more special, as Anthrax, Testament, Sabaton and Overkill will join Megadeth to open for Maiden at the ‘Battle of San Bernardino’ concert.

What bands have opened for Iron Maiden?

From September 11 through September 30, they’ll be joined by Trivium, who will promote their new album In the Court of the Dragon. From October 3 through October 27, Within Temptation, who are working on their eighth studio album, will be the opening act. Tour dates can be seen below.

Who played Rock in Rio 2015?

Rock in Rio 7 The headliners were Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Singer Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform on September 15, but had to cancel 24 hours before due to fibromyalgia.

Did Iron Maiden ever tour with Judas Priest?

In 2018, Downing told SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk that the contentious rivalry between PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN developed when the two bands toured together in the early 1980s.

Who opened for Iron Maiden on Powerslave tour?

Twisted Sister
In 1984/1985, Iron Maiden’s massive World Slavery tour in support of Powerslave lasted 331 days and a good chunk of the 189 gigs performed saw Twisted Sister as the opening act, as they were supporting their breakthrough album, Stay Hungry.

Who is the richest person in Iron Maiden?

As of October 2022, The net worth of Bruce Dickinson is $130 million, which makes him the richest Iron Maiden member.

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