What type of artist is Stanley Spencer?

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What type of artist is Stanley Spencer?

PaintingStanley Spencer / FormPainting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used.
In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action. Wikipedia

Was Stanley Spencer a war artist?

Some of his most original works are the huge detailed paintings he made for Sandham Memorial Chapel in Berkshire (1926-32). Unlike many paintings associated with the war they record Spencer’s vivid memories of the everyday, human experiences of soldiering – rather than conflict, or action.

Where are Stanley Spencer paintings?

The Museum of Modern ArtStanley Spencer / On viewThe Museum of Modern Art is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, on 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.
It plays a major role in developing and collecting modern art, and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. Wikipedia

Is Stanley an artist?

Sir Stanley Spencer, CBE RA (30 June 1891 – 14 December 1959) was an English painter….Stanley Spencer.

Sir Stanley Spencer
Known for Painting, drawing
Notable work The Resurrection, Cookham
Awards RA 1950; CBE 1950; Knighted 1959
Patron(s) Louis and Mary Behrend

What is Stanley Spencer known for?

Sir Stanley Spencer, CBE RA (30 June 1891 – 14 December 1959) was an English painter. Shortly after leaving the Slade School of Art, Spencer became well known for his paintings depicting Biblical scenes occurring as if in Cookham, the small village beside the River Thames where he was born and spent much of his life.

What media does Stanley Spencer use?

PaintingStanley Spencer / Form

Who painted Cookham?

Stanley SpencerThe Resurrection, Cookham / Artist

Who painted the resurrection?

Piero della FrancescaThe Resurrection / Artist

Who inspired Stanley Spencer?

Historian and writer David Boyd Haycock notes that Spencer was included in Roger Fry’s Second Exhibition of Post-Impressionism in 1912 when he was still in his early 20s, so there was a perception among contemporaries that he had been influenced by recent French painters — Gauguin was perhaps the clearest influence at …

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Who is represented in the resurrection?

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Stanley Spencer was British painter known for his depictions of Christian themes in contemporary settings. Though Spencer employed realistic tones and colors, he often distorted forms and spatial planes to expressive ends, as seen in his The Resurrection, Cookham (1924–1927).

What did Sir Richard Spencer do in WW2?

Spencer was skilled at organising multi-figure compositions such as in his large paintings for the Sandham Memorial Chapel and the Shipbuilding on the Clyde series, the former being a First World War memorial while the latter was a commission for the War Artists’ Advisory Committee during the Second World War.

Where can I see Stanley Spencer’s paintings?

Tate Britain holds the largest collection of Spencer works in the world, but the largest collection on display at any one time is at the Stanley Spencer Gallery. Exhibitions of his work held during Spencer’s life included: 1958: Exhibition at Cookham church and vicarage.

Is Stanley Spencer related to Par Spencer?

Stanley Spencer was born in Cookham, Berkshire, the eighth surviving child of William and Anna Caroline Spencer (née Slack). His father, usually known as Par, was a music teacher and church organist. Stanley’s younger brother, Gilbert Spencer (1892–1979), also became a notable artist, known principally for his landscape paintings.

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