What team did Catfish Hunter play for?

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What team did Catfish Hunter play for?

Catfish Hunter
Strikeouts 2,012
Kansas City / Oakland Athletics (1965–1974) New York Yankees (1975–1979)
Career highlights and awards

Is Jim Catfish Hunter still alive?

September 9, 1999Catfish Hunter / Date of death

Why did they call him Catfish Hunter?

He was nicknamed “Catfish” by Oakland Athletics (A’s) owner Charlie Finley, ostensibly because of the pitcher’s love for fishing. Hunter signed with the American League Kansas City A’s shortly after he turned 18 in 1964. A hunting injury caused him to miss the 1964 season.

Did Catfish Hunter have ALS?

“He was a Hall of Fame human being.” Hunter, who pitched for the Kansas City and Oakland A’s and the New York Yankees during his career, was diagnosed with ALS in 1998 and died from complications of the disease a year later at the age of 53.

Is Jim Catfish Hunter in the Hall of Fame?

1987Catfish Hunter / Hall of fame induction

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1987. Hunter succumbed to the effects of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis on Sept. 9, 1999. That Jim “Catfish” Hunter’s nickname was invented by A’s owner Charlie Finley, who invented a story for the media about Hunter catching fish in the backwoods creeks of North Carolina?

Where is Catfish Hunter buried?

ESPN.com: MLB – Catfish Hunter buried near high school field. HERTFORD, N.C. — Jim “Catfish” Hunter probably would have despised this — people dressed in suits making a fuss over him.

How old was Catfish Hunter when he died?

53 years (1946–1999)Catfish Hunter / Age at death
Washingtonpost.com: Hall-of-Famer ‘Catfish’ Hunter Dies at 53. Jim “Catfish” Hunter died Thursday of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Who pitched the last perfect game in MLB?

King Felix
King Felix last pitched in 2019, but he still owns MLB’s most recent perfect game. On Aug. 15, 2012, Felix Hernandez tossed a perfecto against the Tampa Bay Rays. The 2010 AL Cy Young winner struck out 12, including the final batter, to record the first perfect game in Seattle Mariners history.

Is Jim Palmer still with MASN?

National Baseball Hall of Famer and Orioles Legend JIM PALMER will return for his 30th season as a MASN analyst and his 59th year as a member of the Orioles organization.

What happened Jim Palmer?

Since his retirement as an active player in 1984, Palmer has worked as a color commentator on telecasts of MLB games for ABC and ESPN and for the Orioles on Home Team Sports (HTS), Comcast SportsNet (CSN) Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN).

Who is Kevin Brown on MASN?

Kevin Brown began broadcasting Orioles games on radio in 2019. In his first year as their primary television voice, he’ll call about 130 games on MASN, working mostly with Jim Palmer and Ben McDonald.