What size valves are in Vortec heads?

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What size valves are in Vortec heads?

Both GM factory and Chevrolet Performance Parts’ Vortecs come with 1.94-inch intake/1.50-inch exhaust valves.

Do bigger valves make a difference?

Answer: It depends on the type of cylinder head. Generally, if the cylinder head was designed for street applications larger valves will not improve air flow. Often tines, large valves will actually decrease air flow.

How much lift can stock Vortec heads handle?

around 0.420 inch
The factory Vortec heads use a light, single-wire valvespring with a damper that generates between 70 and 80 pounds of load on the seat. Because these heads are meant to work with a 1.5:1 rocker, their tall valve guides can only handle maximum valve lifts of around 0.420 inch.

What headers fit Vortec heads?

standard sbc headers work fine on vortec heads.

What is the purpose of oversized valves?

Installing oversized valves has been used in all types of motorsports and performance tuning since basically forever and it’s main purpose is to increase engine horsepower.

Why are titanium valves better?

“Titanium is a great valve material due to the strength-to-weight ratio, and also the material’s ability to deal with the high temperature of combustion,” Wiseco Product Manager Dave Sulecki says.

How good are 906 heads?

After porting, the 906 heads flow an impressive 313.1 cfm on the intake side and 223.5 cfm on the exhaust side at . 600-inch lift. Using the rule of thumb that cylinder heads have the potential to support horsepower double their intake flow, these heads are capable of 600 hp or more when used on a well-built engine.

What are double hump heads worth?

RIP: 2/16/2019. 461 and 462 double hump complete heads should be worth or priced at $200 a set at the very least. With all the choices in new motors and heads these do not have the interest they once had.

Do I need different headers for vortec heads?

Vortec heads do not require a different exhaust manifold. I have headers for the standard head on mine, with Vortec heads. Install a GM 350 HO engine in my ’80 corvette. The engine has vortec heads on them and I am told that a special exhaust manifold is required due to the exhaust port shape.

When did Chevy introduce vortec heads?

The cast-iron Vortec heads were released in 1996 and produced through 2001. Abetted by a newly redesigned coolant crossover passage, these heads could be bolted directly onto a First-Generation small-block engine with the help of some aftermarket parts.

Are stainless steel valves better?

Because valves are meant to open and close, corrosion can cause big issues. If there is too much corrosion, this may cause a Ball Valve to break or become unable to move. Stainless Steel Ball Valves will hold up much better to harsher water types. This will ensure a longer lasting valve.

Do Vortec heads use different headers?

What is the difference between a Vortec 350 and a regular 350?

The regular 350 head uses a 90 degree bolt angle while the Vortec uses a 72 degree bolt angle. When the head is bolted to the engine, all the attachment bolts point straight up, as experienced mechanics know.

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