What size is my woodruff key?

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What size is my woodruff key?

How are woodruff keys measured? Woodruff keys, identifiable by their half-moon shape, are measured two ways depending on if it is an imperial or metric key. Imperial woodruff keys are measured by their width and diameter, whereas metric woodruff keys are measured by their width and height.

What is the main use of Woodruff keys?

The main advantage of the Woodruff key is the elimination of milling near shaft shoulders, where stress concentrations, and concentricity would be affected. The latter is particularly important for high speed operation.

What is a moon key?

This key allows the user to open the moon, as though the moon itself was a door. One can pass into the door taking them to a “backstage” of the world, referred to as “Chamberlin’s Moon”, and allows the user to pass into the afterlife gently.

Do Woodruff keys wear out?

Woodruff keys tend tend to last forever unless they develop a bit of looseness which then develops quickly. Check the keyways (both in the shaft and in the gear).

What is a Barth key?

The barth key is a square key with bottom too corners beveled. The beveled corner ensures tight fitting and lessing the tendency to twist when driving in either direction. There is a small clearance to permit easy removal and assembly.

What is feather key?

Definition of feather key in machinery. : a sunk key without taper that is permanently fixed in one of the connected pieces and that is a sliding fit in a keyway in the other so as to permit relative longitudinal motion. — called also spline.

What is a Kennedy key?

[′ken·ə·dē ‚kē] (design engineering) A square taper key fitted into a keyway of square section and driven from opposite ends of the hub.

What are the different types of keyways?

Types of Keys

  • Rectangular & square keys.
  • Parallel keys.
  • Gib head keys.
  • Feather key (sliding clearance with keys)
  • Woodruff key.

Where are feather keys used?

Feather keys are used where the parts mounted on the shafts are required to slide along the shaft such as clutches for gear shifting devices. It is an alternative to a splined connection.

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