What should I invest in GTA 5 assassination missions?

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What should I invest in GTA 5 assassination missions?

Hotel Assassination Before the mission: Buy Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ). Sell Betta Pharmaceuticals (50% profit) after the mission. Save the game by sleeping to accelerate time. After the mission: Buy Bilkinton Research (LCN) after waiting for three days or more.

What stocks should I invest in before the assassination?

The Multi-Target Assassination – Players should purchase as much Debonaire stock as possible from LCN. After completing the mission, sell the stock for 80% profit and re-invest in Redwood Cigarettes. Again, players can wait up to a week to earn around 300% profit from selling their Redwood stock.

What are the best stocks to buy in GTA 5?

Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET) can reach an 80% ROI, Fa├žade (FAC) a 160% ROI, Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) a 300% ROI, Vapid (VAP) a 20% ROI, and Gold Coast Construction (GDC) a 180% ROI. Each of these stocks provides valuable returns for completing specific assassination missions.

How do I get the most money from Lester assassinations?

COMPLETE THE STORY Before taking on any other assassination missions for Lester, complete the campaign mission “The Big Score” and finish the campaign. Depending on the outcome of your story, each character will have between $40M – $100M to invest in each stock that the following missions focus on.

Which stock to invest in GTA 5?

Before starting the mission, invest your entire amount with all three characters in Debonaire (LCN). Now complete the stock market assassination mission, sell all of the Debonaire shares at around 80% peak and invest in Redwood (LCN). Head back to your apartment and save your game around 8 times to advance nearly 48 hours in the game.

How to manipulate the stock market GTA 5?

by Matt Stone updated 1 year ago. In GTA 5’s story mode/single player, you can do assassination missions for Lester as Franklin. Each time you carry out a hit, the stock market will be affected. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly which stock will be affected by your hit, so that you can invest in that stock with all the money that each of your three characters has (Michael, Franklin, Trevor).

How many assassination missions are there in GTA 5?

by Bill Lavoy. Grand Theft Auto 5, like its predecessor GTA 4, features a series of assassination missions. There are a total of five, which can only be completed by Franklin and are assigned to him by Lester. Today we are going to cover all five Assassination missions and guide you to Gold completion. In the cut scene that introduces each assignment, Lester will give Franklin tips about which companies to invest in, and which should be avoided on the two in-game stock markets.

How to make money on GTA 5 stock market online?

How to make GTA 5 money fast using the Stock Market and Lester Assassination Missions

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