What should I fill The White Phial with?

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What should I fill The White Phial with?

As a reward, he asks you to select one specific type of potion that the Phial will regenerate. Each option will provide you with The White Phial (full), which when consumed will turn into the White Phial (empty) for 24 hours. The options are: Power of Healing (+100 Health)

How do I retrieve Wylandriah’s soul gem?

Wylandriah’s satchel is sitting on a table. To find the soul gem, go to The White Phial in the market in Windhelm. There are two barrels under the staircase; Wylandriah’s satchel is on top of the barrel closest to the door.

Where is The White Phial in Windhelm?

The White Phial is the alchemical shop located on the north side of Windhelm’s market district. The owner is Nurelion, who named the shop after the legendary artifact he’s spent many years searching for.

Can you get The White Phial in Skyrim?

Walkthrough. This quest is pretty straightforward quest. Go to Forsaken Cave and retrieve the White Phial for Nurelion, an old alchemy store owner in Windhelm who is no longer capable of such an expedition. Easiest way to get there is to exit the main gates of Windhelm, and follow the river to your right.

What do I do with Wylandriah’s soul gem?


  1. Wylandriah’s Soul Gem can fit a grand soul and while it can not be removed from the Dragonborn’s inventory and it’s not capable for use in enchanting, it can be used to recharge enchanted weapons, removing it as if it was a normal soul gem.
  2. Wylandriah’s Soul Gem uses the same model as a grand soul gem.

Where is Wylandriah’s Soul Gem?

Location. Found inside of Wylandriah’s satchel which is resting on top of a barrel under the stairs inside of the alchemy shop, The White Phial in the market district of western Windhelm.

Where is the white phial located?

market district of Windhelm
The White Phial is an alchemy shop in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is found in the market district of Windhelm. It is operated by an Altmer named Nurelion and his apprentice Quintus Navale, who will eventually take over the shop.

Can you refill the White Phial?

As a reward, the Dragonborn receives the phial, which contains an unlimited potion of their choice, that refills itself once per day.

What is Wylandriah’s spoon for?

If you desire to keep the spoon to add to a personal collection, you can simply kill Wylandriah before completing the quest. The spoon will now become a non-quest item, allowing you to store it anywhere.

Where do I find Wylandriah’s items?

Item locations Each of the quest items will be found in “Wylandriah’s Satchel” at the location. The ingot is on a bookshelf in The Frozen Hearth Inn, located just as one enters Winterhold. The spoon is at Fellstar Farm in Ivarstead. The Soul Gem on a barrel under the stairs in The White Phial in Windhelm.

What is the Stone quarter in Windhelm?

The Stone Quarter is Windhelm’s central district; the one visitors first enter when passing through the Main Gate into the city. It contains the marketplace, the most important shops, and the city’s inn.

Can you duplicate the White Phial?

Bugs. Attempting to use the White Phial in the Character Menu when it is empty will cause the empty phial to duplicate itself. The Original Phial will continue to refill as usual, but duplicates will not.

Where can I find the White phial in Windhelm?

Retrieve the White Phial from Forsaken Cave. Return the Phial to Nurelion. Talk to his assistant, Quintus Navale, for your final reward. The only Alchemy shop in Windhelm is called The White Phial and is located in the market district, right next to Aval Atheron ‘s stall.

Where can I buy alchemy in Windhelm?

Return the Phial to Nurelion. Talk to his assistant, Quintus Navale, for your final reward. The only Alchemy shop in Windhelm is called The White Phial and is located in the market district, right next to Aval Atheron ‘s stall.

Does nurelion die in the White phial?

A few days later, you will receive a letter from Quintus, starting the quest Repairing the Phial. If you don’t enter the White Phial the first time that you enter Windhelm, it may be possible that Nurelion will be already dying in his bed when you visit him later.

How do I get the cracked white phial?

Once inside, fight your way through the Draugrs and Ice Wraiths that inhabit cave until you get to a room with a named Draugr, Curalmil, in it. After that, go into the room underneath the dragon word and put Nurelion’s Mixture in the bowl and a door will open to a room containing the cracked White Phial.

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