What season and episode of Arrow continues from The Flash?

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What season and episode of Arrow continues from The Flash?

The crossover began in Supergirl episode 2×8 “Medusa,” though that was more of a teaser at the end of the episode (featuring the scene of Barry and Cisco recruiting Supergirl), and continues after the Flash episode in Arrow episode 5×8, also called “Invasion!,” and ends with the Legends episode 2×7 “Invasion!”

What episode of Arrow does flash first appear?

The Scientist
Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen, also known by his alter ego The Flash, is a fictional character in The CW’s Arrowverse franchise, first introduced in the 2013 episode “The Scientist” of the television series Arrow, and later starring in The Flash.

Is Green Arrow faster than flash?

While the Flash has always been relatively popular, introducing Green Arrow into the mainstream was a huge achievement by the creators of Arrow. While the Flash is far more powerful than Green Arrow in terms of ability, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a win.

Who is stronger Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

Green Arrow is better than Hawkeye. Compare their archery form and fighting skills, and they might seem evenly matched. But eight other factors make Green Arrow better. Both have been called “the best archer in the world,” so it’s tough to determine who would win a battle to the death.

Is Gotham a part of the Arrowverse?

Tonight on Arrow (The CW, 8/7c), the Arrowverse finally sets foot in the infamous Gotham, after so many years of merely alluding to the gritty metropolis and its resident caped crusader. In fact, there was a time when you couldn’t even speak of Gotham if you were a superhero series.

What are the Order of the Flash episodes in order?

1 Arrow 3×01: The Calm 2 The Flash 1×01: Pilot 3 The Flash 1×02: Fastest Man Alive 4 Arrow 3×02: Sara 5 The Flash 1×03: Things You Can’t Outrun 6 Arrow 3×03: Corto Maltese 7 The Flash 1×04: Going Rogue 8 Arrow 3×04: The Magician 9 Arrow 3×05: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak 10 The Flash 1×05: Plastique

What order should I watch Arrow and the Flash in?

3 Answers 3. Ideally, you should watch them in the order they aired. That is, if you want to get the most coherent story from both shows, you should watch Arrow up through the end of Season 2, then watch alternate episodes of The Flash Season 1 and Arrow Season 3.

What are the Arrow and the Flash crossover episodes?

The Flash first appeared in Arrow Season 2 Episodes 8 and 9, before getting his own spinoff series. He later appears in Arrow S3 Ep1. Arrow and The Flash have crossover episodes in every eighth episode from Arrow S3 and The Flash S1 onwards. Cisco Ramon appears in Arrow S3 Ep19. Vixen appears (and Constantine is mentioned) in Arrow S4 Ep15.

Are arrow and the Flash Season 1 and 3 connected?

The first episodes of The Flash Season 1, and Arrow Season 3, take place at the same time, and there are cross-over cameos at the end of those episodes.

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