What replaced the A6 Prowler?

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What replaced the A6 Prowler?

the Growler
Built to replace the EA-6B Prowler, the Growler is the first newly-designed electronic warfare aircraft produced in more than 35 years. The aircraft also retains all of the F/A-18E/F’s multi-mission capabilities with its validated design and the capability to perform a wide range of enemy defense suppression missions.

What is a Prowler aircraft?

Since the Vietnam war, the EA-6B Prowler has been the U.S. Navy’s primary carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft, jamming enemy radars and providing an umbrella of protection for enemy tracking systems for U.S. attack and fighter aircraft.

Was the a6 used in Vietnam?

A-6 Intruders first saw action during the Vietnam War, where the craft were used extensively against targets in Vietnam. The aircraft’s long range and heavy payload (18,000 pounds or 8,200 kilograms) coupled with its ability to fly in all weather made it invaluable during the war.

Which marine Prowler squadron has the highest utilization rate?

“That sustained tempo for close to half a century has led to not only the highest utilization rate of any Marine Prowler squadron but the highest utilization rate for any type/model/series aircraft in the Marine Corps,” service officials said in announcing VMAQ-2’s decommissioning.

Where are the EA-6B Prowlers now?

VAQ-209, the Navy Reserve ‘s sole EA-6B squadron, was stationed at Naval Air Facility Washington, Maryland. All Marine Corps EA-6B squadrons were located at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina. In 2013, the USN planned to fly the EA-6B until 2015, while the USMC expect to phase out the Prowler in 2019.

What do Marine Attack Squadrons fly?

Today, Marine attack squadrons fly the AV-8B Harrier II and are tasked with providing close air support, air interdiction, surveillance and escort of helicopters.

How many US Navy Prowlers are still in active duty?

Note the gold tint of the canopy for protection from electromagnetic interference and prevents some EM emissions In 2001, 124 Prowlers remained, divided between twelve Navy, four Marine, and four joint Navy-Air Force “Expeditionary” squadrons.

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