What products are traded on Eurex?

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What products are traded on Eurex?

Eurex Trading Products

  • Interest-rate Derivatives. Fixed Income.
  • Equity Index Derivatives. Derivatives of 12 Index families with benchmarks like EURO STOXX, DAX, MSCI, CSPI, etc.
  • Equity Derivatives.
  • Volatility Derivatives.
  • Dividend Derivatives.
  • FX Derivatives.
  • Commodity Derivatives.
  • Property Derivatives.

Is Eurex a CCP?

Eurex Clearing is authorized as a CCP under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) since 10 April 2014.

What is a Direct Clearing Member?

A Direct Clearing Member (DCM) is entitled to clear only its own transactions, those of its customers, and those of its 100 percent corporate affiliated exchange participants. Only a Clearing Member – GCM or DCM – may be a counterparty of Eurex Clearing AG in a transaction.

Who regulates Eurex?

Deutsche Börse AG
Eurex Exchange

Type Derivatives exchange
Founded 1998
Owner Deutsche Börse AG
Key people Members of the Board: Michael Peters (CEO), Wolfgang Eholzer, Randolf Roth, Jonas Ullmann
Website www.eurex.com

Is Eurex a Clearing house?

Welcome to Eurex Clearing – one of the world’s leading CCP clearing houses.

Is Eurex a bank?

Eurex Clearing is a company incorporated in Germany and licensed as a credit institution under the supervision of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), pursuant to the Banking Act (Gesetz für das Kreditwesen).

Who are non clearing member?

Non-Clearing Members (NCMs) are companies without a clearing license. They take part in clearing as clients of a Clearing Member (CM) on the markets for which ECC provides clearing services. For the transactions to be cleared, the NCM has to contact a CM of his choice.

Who are the clearing members in India?

List of Clearing Corporations

Sr. No. Name Valid Upto
1 India International Clearing Corporation (IFSC) Limited Dec 28, 2020
2 Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd. Oct 02, 2020
3 Metropolitan Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. Oct 02, 2019
4 Multi Commodity Exchange Clearing Corporation Ltd. Jul 30, 2025

How does Eurex Clearing work?

Eurex Clearing guarantees every transaction made in the markets for which we provide our services. We stand between the buyer and the seller, which makes us the central counterparty for all your transactions. That way we mitigate your counterparty risk and maximize your operational efficiency.

What is non-clearing broker?

Non-Clearing Members (NCMs) are companies without a clearing license. They take part in clearing as clients of a Clearing Member (CM) on the markets for which ECC provides clearing services.

What does NCM mean in stock market?

A Non-Clearing Member (NCM) is an Exchange Member that has entered into a Non-Clearing Membership Agreement with Nasdaq Oslo ASA. A Non-Clearing Membership requires a Clearing Account with a General Clearing Member (GCM). The member is granted direct access to exchange trading electronically and/or voice.

Is Zerodha a clearing member?

Since Zerodha has opted to be a self-clearing member, effective from March 2019, all trades placed at Zerodha is self cleared. Hence Zerodha does not levy any clearing charges to its customers.

What is a BIC trade?

A Block trade at Index Close (BIC) is a type of off-exchange block trade where the price is determined as a basis to a prospective closing level of the index underlying the futures contract on a specified date.

How do I get an ICE account?

To be eligible for election as an IFUS Member of ICE Futures U.S., an individual must:

  1. Be a natural person at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  2. Be of good character, reputation and business integrity with adequate financial resources and credit to assume the responsibilities and privileges of membership.

How do I become an Eurex trader?

A proof of the required practical experience is the Eurex online system training. For further details on proof of professional qualification for admission as a Eurex trader, please refer to section 3 of the admission regulations for exchange traders.

Do I need a clearing license with Eurex Clearing?

Exchange members who wish to take part in the clearing process directly need to apply for a Clearing License with Eurex Clearing. An Exchange Participant without a Clearing License is a DC Market Participant with Eurex Clearing.

How to confirm the functional knowledge of an Eurex exchange trader?

In case an Eurex exchange trader changes to another admitted company, such a trader has two possibilities to confirm his functional knowledge: either he has successfully passed the Eurex Trader Examination or he was admitted as a trader for his previous company for at least 12 months during the last 2 years.

What are Eurex trade entry services?

Besides exchange traded derivatives from our central order book you also can enter off-book trades through our Eurex Trade Entry Services, enabling you to combine individual trading with the advantages of standardized clearing and processing.

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