What kind of wood should I use to make a birdhouse?

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What kind of wood should I use to make a birdhouse?

Cedar or redwood is affordable, comes in 1” x 8″ sizes at any home center, and will last for years outdoors. Exterior-grade plywood (which uses a phenolic resin glue to hold the layers together) is also a good option. Do not use treated lumber as the chemicals can be harmful to the birds.

What is the most common hole size for a birdhouse?

1-inch to 1 1/2-inch Entrance Holes Many wild birds prefer entrance holes that range between 1 and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The chickadee prefers 1 1/8-inch diameter openings, the titmouse, Bewick’s wren, and the downy woodpecker look for homes with 1 1/4-inch diameter openings.

How thick should wood be for a birdhouse?

3/4″ thick
Wood should be 3/4″ thick, anything less will allow heat to build up which is detrimental to young birds. What is this? Avoid using paint, especially dark paint, (absorbs heat) natural looking houses will be more attrative to birds. Make sure that you provide proper drainage so as to keep the nest and its contents dry.

How deep should a birdhouse post be?

The hole should be about 12 in. deep. Insert the cardboard cylinder into the hole and use the carpet knife to cut it about 10 to 15 in. above the ground.

What direction should a bird house face?

A birdhouse and its entrance hole should face away from prevailing winds. In the United States, it’s very common for a birdhouse to face east, which is often faced away from the prevailing wind and the strong afternoon sun.

Do bird boxes need drainage?

Basic nest box Small drainage holes in the base are essential to let liquid waste drain away or in open front boxes to let any rainwater drain away. Don’t add a perch – predators may intimidate the nestlings and force the adult birds to leave.

How high should bird houses be mounted?

Try to space birdhouses at least 25′ apart, because some species are territorial and will not allow other birds to nest too close by. Of equal importance is the height of the birdhouse. For most species, bird houses should be at least five feet above the ground, if not higher.

How do you build a bird house?

Mount the birdhouse to a pole or to the side of a building.

  • Face the birdhouse east. Although this is not a necessity,birds are more attracted to birdhouses that receive natural sunlight in the mornings.
  • Keep the birdhouse at least 5 feet (1.5 m) off the ground.
  • Hang or set the birdhouse under an awning,roof overhang,or eaves.
  • How to build a birdhouse?

    Paint or stain the wood before you assemble the pieces.

  • Place the 5×3.25in floor piece on a flat surface. Whether you prefer to work on a workbench or on the ground,finding a flat surface is important.
  • Spread wood glue on the connecting edges of the birdhouse walls.
  • Clamp the four walls of the birdhouse together and leave them to dry.
  • How to build a bird house?

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    How to build Bluebird house plans?

    To build a bluebird house, start by cutting a 1-inch thick piece of wood into 6 pieces so you have 2 sides, 1 front and 1 bottom piece, 1 back piece, and 1 piece for the roof. Then, use a spade bit or hole saw to make an entrance hole in the front piece.

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