What judges are in the Chancery Division?

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What judges are in the Chancery Division?

Chancery Division Judges

  • Mr Justice Michael Green. 5 May 2021 |Biographies|Chancery Division Judges.
  • Mrs Justice Bacon DBE. 24 November 2020 |Biographies|Chancery Division Judges|Chancery.
  • Mr Justice Meade.
  • Mr Justice Miles.
  • Mr Justice Fancourt.
  • Mrs Justice Falk.
  • Mr Justice Marcus Smith.
  • Mr Justice Birss.

What does the Chancery Court do?

Chancery Courts handle a variety of issues including lawsuits, contract disputes, application for injunctions and name changes. A number of matters, such as divorces, adoptions, and workers’ compensation, can be heard in either chancery or circuit court.

Who is the head of the Chancery Division?

the Chancellor of the High Court
The head of the Chancery Division is the Chancellor of the High Court (“the Chancellor”).

What is a chancellor in Mississippi?

The chancellors, also referred to as Chancery Court judges, hear special court cases involving wills and estates, support and custody of minor children, divorces and alimony, and lunacy or commitment hearings.

What types of cases does the Chancery Court hear?

The most common types of case we handle include:

  • disputes relating to business, property or land.
  • disputes over trusts.
  • competition claims under either European or UK competition law.
  • commercial disputes (domestic and international)
  • intellectual property issues.
  • disputes over the validity of a will (‘probate disputes’)

How many judges sit in the Chancery Division?

18 High Court judges
The Chancery Division deals with company law, partnership claims, conveyancing, land law, probate, patent and taxation cases, and consists of 18 High Court judges, headed by the Chancellor of the High Court.

How much does the chancellor of Ole Miss make?

Previously, the chancellor’s salary was $429,000, with $220,500 from state funds and $208,500 from private funds. The new salary reflects an increase of $79,500 in state funds and a larger increase in private funds of $91,500. Dr.

What does Chancery deal with?

Presided over by the chancellor of the High Court in that judge’s capacity as president of the Chancery Division, it hears cases involving business and property disputes, including intellectual-property claims, trusts, estates, and related matters.

What does it mean to get in Chancery?

in chancery in American English 1. in process of litigation in a court of equity. 2. in an awkward or helpless situation.

Are Mississippi court records public?

Mississippi court records are available online, and members of the public can access them remotely. The Mississippi Electronic Court (MEC) has the court records of most Mississippi courts online.

How much does the president of Mississippi State make?

Jeffrey S. Vitter and Mississippi State University President Dr. Mark Keenum at $600,000, with half provided by funds appropriated by the state and half provided by the respective universities’ foundations. Named as chancellor of the University of Mississippi by the Board of Trustees in October, Dr.

Where is the 14th Chancery Court District in Mississippi?

Welcome to our web site for the Fourteenth Chancery Court District for the State of Mississippi! The State of Mississippi is divided into twenty Chancery Court districts. The Fourteenth Chancery Court District includes Chickasaw, Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee, Oktibbeha and Webster Counties.

Where to find judges and support staff for the Mississippi Chancery Court?

Chancery Judges & Support Staff Updated June 17, 2019 Alcorn, Itawamba, Lee, Monroe, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Tishomingo, ⋃ Counties (1st Chancery District) Judge Jacqueline Mask P.O. Box 7395 Tupelo, MS 38802 (662)432-2130 (662)680-6057

Where are the chancery courts in Louisiana?

Chancery Court District 1 Alcorn, Itawamba, Monroe, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Lee, Tishomingo, Union District 2 Jasper, Newton, Scott District 3 Desoto, Grenada, Montgomery, Panola, Tate, Yalobusha

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