What is vallenatos music?

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What is vallenatos music?

distinctive Colombian musical form is vallenato, which is grounded in narrative songs and features the accordion or guitar along with the cato (a drum) and the guacharaca (a percussion instrument). The national instrument is the 12-stringed guitarlike tiple.

What is Afro Colombian music?

As its name suggests, the compilation Guasa, Cununo Y Marimba: Afro-Colombian Music From The Pacific Coast, focuses on the cultural richness of a part of Colombia that is largely imbued with African music.

What is Bunde music?

In Colombia , the bunde designates different musical rhythms and cultural expressions: Dance and musical genre of an autochthonous funeral nature of the communities of the Pacific Region . Popular street celebration typical of the communities of the Pacific Region.

What is La Champeta?

Champeta, also known as terapia, is a musical genre and dance that originated in the Caribbean coast of Colombia in the early 1980s. It developed from an earlier style termed chalusonga, which originated in Palenque de San Basilio in the mid-1970s.

Who created vallenato?

Vallenato is an upbeat music from the Atlantic coast of Colombia that fuses instruments of European origin (like the accordion) with poetic lyrics about everyday life and traditional dance rhythms of the Arhuaco, indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

What is vallenato in Colombia?

What is the difference between cumbia and vallenato?

Performed by an ensemble consisting of accordion, vocals, caja (a small double-headed drum) and guacharaca (a notched gourd scraper), vallenato is similar to cumbia in accenting beats 2 and 4, but places a stronger emphasis on the crotchet-quaver rhythmic cell.

What is Colombian music?

Colombian music is an expression of the culture it comes from. Popular Colombian songs have their roots in the blending of African, indigenous and Spanish influences. Today, mainstream pop music is commonly heard throughout the country albeit with a Colombian twist.

Is bachata and cumbia the same?

Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic, while Cumbia originates from Columbia. Bachata is danced in 4 step timing (dancers tap on 4 and 8); whereas, the Cumbia is based on a 2/2 or 2/4 time signature. Bachata and Cumbia differ in style, music, and dance moves. Also, Bachata is more popular than Cumbia.