What is the weather like in January in California?

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What is the weather like in January in California?

Daily high temperatures are around 68°F, rarely falling below 58°F or exceeding 79°F. Daily low temperatures are around 48°F, rarely falling below 42°F or exceeding 55°F.

How cold does California get in January?

Temperatures are mild and skies, for the most part, tend to be mostly clear or partly sunny. Early morning low temperatures tend to be in the upper 40s F (8 to 9 C) with a few of the colder mornings dipping down into the lower 40s F (5 to 6 C). The record low temperature in Los Angeles during January was 28 F (-2.2 C).

What is the weather like in Northern California in January?

What is the weather like in Northern California in January? The rainy season is in winter, so it is possible to have cold, rainy days in any part of California in January. But when it’s not raining, you can expect temperatures in the upper 50s or even high 60s in most places.

What parts of California are warm in January?

Head to the desert. Palm Springs boasts some of the best temps in the state in January, at an average of 71 degrees and overnight lows of 45 degrees with just two days of rain monthly.

What season is January in California?

The winter ‘rainy season’ is gentle and occurs between January and March. Much of the state has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

What month does it rain the most in California?

The period of record most helpful for California is October 1 of any given year to the following September 30th of the next year. This covers the vast majority of time that rain will occur. In fact, most rain falls between October and the following May, a narrow six month period.

Is California Nice in January?

January is a great time to visit California, particularly if you’re eager to avoid the crowds. Spring and summer tends to be when people usually make the trip, yet many of the top attractions are open year round – meaning you can enjoy them in peace, and with fewer queues.

What is the warmest beach in California in January?

Warmest Beach in Winter The warmest temperatures happen at Avila Beach, Long Beach and Laguna Beach where the days get up to at least 67 degrees F (19 °C) on average in December and January.

Where is the warmest place in California in the winter?

Palm Springs in December. If you’re wondering where the warmest place in California is in December, look no further than Palm Springs! Southern California in winter makes for the perfect time to explore the desert since daytime temperatures are pleasant.

What part of California gets cold?

A ghost town called Bodie State Park. It’s one of the best naturally preserved ghost towns in the nation. It’s also the coldest place in California. “The coldest I have seen is -29 degrees Fahrenheit,” Jackson said.

Is California cold in February?

February in California has mild daytime temperatures with a decent chance for rain, wind, and cloudy skies. The average high temperature ranges from 44°F at Lake Tahoe, the coldest area of California, to 73°F at Palm Springs, the warmest place.

Which parts of California are warm in January?

Where in California has the best weather?

Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara has long been recognized as having arguably the best climate in the state with the best weather in the U.S. (California).

What part of California is warm in winter?

East Los Angeles, the Gateway Cities, and parts of the San Gabriel Valley average the warmest winter high temps (72 °F, 22 °C) in all of the western U.S., and Santa Monica averages the warmest winter lows (52 °F, 11 °C) in all of the western U.S. Palm Springs, a city in the Coachella Valley, averages high/low/mean …

What part of California is hot in February?

The warmest weather is in the south of the state including Los Angeles, while further north cities including San Francisco are usually cooler. In Los Angeles, the average daytime temperature hovers around a cool 13°C, while the afternoons are usually quite mild with highs of 18°C.

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