What is the story behind Watership Down?

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What is the story behind Watership Down?

Evoking epic themes, the novel follows the rabbits as they escape the destruction of their warren and seek a place to establish a new home (the hill of Watership Down), encountering perils and temptations along the way. Watership Down was Richard Adams’ debut novel.

Is there a Watership Down graphic novel?

Masterfully adapted by award-winning author James Sturm and gorgeously illustrated by bestselling artist Joe Sutphin, this spectacular graphic novel will delight old fans and inspire new ones, bringing the joy of Watership Down to the next generation of readers.

Is Watership Down book appropriate for kids?

Watership Down will delight all audiences, young and old! Violence/Gore: Several (animal) characters die by traps, predators, being shot, or being gassed, with varying degrees of description.

Is Watership Down dark?

Prior to watching the BBC and Netflix’s highly anticipated, bizarrely star-studded adaptation of Watership Down, the two main things I knew about Richard Adams’s beloved 1972 children’s novel were: 1) it was extremely dark (which turned me off from reading it a long time ago), and 2) it was, I’d heard on good authority …

Is Watership Down film on Netflix?

Watch Watership Down | Netflix.

Can a 10 year old read Watership Down?

For any child over 12, I wouldn’t hesitate generally to allow them this read as it’s pretty tame overall and I’m also not saying that children younger than 12 can’t read this either, it just depends on the maturity and their level of reading.

Is Watership Down suitable for 7 year olds?

All of which makes it about right that the BBC has said that the version is not appropriate for very young children. Its recommended age range of 8 and above feels sensible.

Is Watership Down for adults?

WATERSHIP DOWN was written for adults, but adolescents often find it more irresistible than their elders do.

Is Watership Down a happy ending?

The Watership Down book ending is happy, but with a hell of a lot of darkness and sadness thrown in for good measure. So the whole story is about a rabbit called Hazel trying to lead a load of other rabbits to a new warren after his younger brother Fiver predicts something dangerous is going to happen.

Can a 10 year old watch Watership Down?

Common Sense Media — who rated the series appropriate for children ages 11 and up — noted that the series contains scenes in which the bunnies face violence, fear, and death, including a scene where they are being shot at.

Is Watership Down Netflix scary?

Digital animation has rendered the rabbits stunningly realistic—mangy, scarred, rain-soaked, and muddy. And while the new series is less scary than that ’78 film, this is still nature red in tooth and claw. Watership is a survival adventure, four hours of peril, and it’s superb.

Is Watership Down censored?

Britain’s chief censor has waded into the row following the broadcasting of violent children’s cartoon Watership Down on Easter Sunday, insisting the U-rated film would be branded PG if classified today.

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