What is the price of Tata LPT 407?

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What is the price of Tata LPT 407?

ABS, power steering, parking brakes, fog lights, tubeless tyres and seat belts are some of the safety features of this vehicle. Its price starts at INR 8.51 lakhs and is used for e-commerce and general logistics like parcels, cargo, food items, etc.

What is Tata 407 mileage?

6.9-10.0 kmpl
Key Specifications of 407 Gold SFC 2955/HDLB

Number of Tyre 4
Mileage 6.9-10.0 kmpl
Engine 2956 cc
Fuel Tank 60 Ltr
Payload – Kgs

Is Tata 407 light vehicle?

The Tata 407 is a light commercial vehicle manufactured by Tata Motors. Launched in 1986, in 2011 the 407 model sold more than 500,000 units. The 407 has a payload of 2.25 tonnes, an overall length of 4.7 metres, and a turning circle radius of 5.5 metres.

What is LPT in truck?

LPT is an abbreviation for ‘long platform truck’, where the engine is inside the cabin. Whereas, LPT is an abbreviation for ‘long platform kipper (tipper)’. LPT and LPK are hardcore heavy trucks used for harsh work while tippers are generally used for mining applications as they have high power.

What is the engine capacity of TATA LPT 407 ex Fe?

Tata LPT 407 EX FE is powered by 4SP CR turbo intercooled engine. The 2956 cc 4 cylinder motor can produce up to 85HP and 250 Nm of torque figures. The 90 liters fuel ensures long commutes with minimal refueling needs.

Is the 407 a light commercial vehicle?

Yes, Tata 407 is a light commercial vehicle manufactured by the Tata Motors What is the price of Tata LPT 407? The price of Tata LPT 407 starts from Rs. 1109127/unit onwards What size truck is 407?

What is the GVW of a TATA 407?

The unique way to identify the Tata 407 is 407= 4 tonnes GVW, 70 bhp (7*10) 709= 7 tonnes GVW, 90 bhp (9*10) 1109= 11 tonnes GVW, 90 bhp (9*10) What is the weight of Tata 407?

What kind of braking system does a LPT 407 have?

LPT 407 has a top-notch braking system. It comes with best-in-class Vacuum-Assisted Dual Circuit Hydraulic with Tandem Master Cylinder as a primary brake, hand-operated parking brake and service brake coupled engine exhaust brake.

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