What is the population density of Manila?

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What is the population density of Manila?

73,920 persons per square kilometer
The City of Manila was the most densely populated with 73,920 persons per square kilometer in 2020, followed by the City of Mandaluyong with 45,830 persons per square kilometer, and Pasay City with 31,543 persons per square kilometer.

What is the population density of Manila 2021?

Manila is the world’s most densely populated city with 42,857 people per square kilometer, or 111,002 people per square mile. This is all contained within an area of 42.88 square kilometers (16.56 square miles).

Is Ermita a city in Manila?

Ermita is a district in Manila, Philippines. Located at the central part of the city, the district is a significant center of finance, education, culture, and commerce….

Region National Capital Region
City City of Manila
Congressional District 5th District

Is Manila bigger than New York?

Philippines is about 2.5 times bigger than New York. Meanwhile, the population of New York is ~19.4 million people (89.8 million more people live in Philippines).

What is the most populated city in the Philippines 2021?

Quezon City
The largest city in Philippines is Quezon City, with a population of people.

Under what barangay is Ermita Manila?

Barangay 659‑A
Barangay 659‑A is a barangay in the city of Manila, under the administrative district of Ermita. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 2,607.

How do I get to Ermita via LRT Manila?

The best way to get from Monumento LRT to Ermita without a car is to train which takes 22 min and costs ₱15 – ₱30. How long does it take to get from Monumento LRT to Ermita? The train from Monumento LRT to UN Ave LRT takes 22 min including transfers and departs every 10 minutes.

What is the biggest barangay in Manila?

The largest barangay in the region in terms of population size is Barangay 176 in Caloocan City with 246,515 persons. It was followed by Commonwealth in Quezon City (198,285) and Batasan Hills in Quezon City (161,409).

What is the population of Metro Manila?

The region encompasses an area of 619.57 square kilometers (239.22 sq mi) and a population of 13,484,462 as of 2020. It is the second most populous and the most densely populated region of the Philippines. It is also the 9th most populous metropolitan area in Asia and the 5th most populous urban area in the world.

Is Manila or Davao bigger?

Davao City s 3 x bigger than the entire Manila & 6 x bigger than Cebu.

What station is Ermita Manila?

What’s the nearest train station to Ermita in Manila? The Pedro Gil Lrt station is the nearest one to Ermita in Manila.

Which barangay has the lowest population in the Philippines?

In 2020, the municipality of Kalayaan in Palawan was the smallest municipality in terms of population size, with 193 persons. It was followed by Uyugan (1,380 persons) and Ivana (1,407 persons) in Batanes, Carasi (1,607 persons) in Ilocos Norte, and Sabtang (1,696 persons) in Batanes.

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