What is the Pentagon Wars movie about?

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What is the Pentagon Wars movie about?

An Air Force colonel threatens to reveal the truth behind the military’s $14 billion investment in a transport vehicle.The Pentagon Wars / Film synopsis

Is the Bradley a good tank?

The Bradley is highly capable in cross-country open terrain, in accordance with one of the main design objectives of keeping pace with the M1 Abrams main battle tank.

What lesson can we learn from the film Pentagon Wars?

Pentagon Wars Although the movie is very funny, it is an excellent object lesson on how not to do project management. Because the the project had no deadlines and the goal was to make a perfect product, the development costs skyrocketed into the billions of dollars and the product became a very costly mess.

Is Pentagon Wars true?

The Pentagon Wars is a satirical examination of the BFV’s extended, expensive, and disastrous real-life path from the idea phase to prototype. In the film, as well as in real life — the design, development and testing of the BFV cost The Pentagon over $14 billion (taxpayer) dollars and took more than 17 years.

Does the military still use the Bradley?

As the Reagan-era M-2 Bradley — which is made by BAE Systems — inches toward being mothballed, the Army is aiming for a replacement platform that can enter full-rate production by 2030. Following program cancelations and restarts, the service is taking a new approach to OMFV.

Is the Bradley fighting vehicle still in use?

“We fielded the most capable Bradley Fighting Vehicle to date, with the Bradley in service for three decades. Because the A4 variant has enhanced mobility and power generation, we’ll be able to integrate new technologies.” The Army plans to acquire more than 700 of the new M2A4 Bradleys through 2029.

Is Bradley amphibious?

All Bradleys are amphibious. Earlier models are equipped with a water barrier, which is fitted by the crew before entering the water. A3 models have an inflatable pontoon which fits on the front and sides of the vehicle.

How much does a Bradley cost?

In the year 2000 the total cost of the program was $5,664,100,000 for 1,602 units, giving an average unit cost of $3,166,000….

M2 Bradley
Mass 27.6 short tons (25.0 t)
Length 21.49 ft (6.55 m)
Width 11.82 ft (3.60 m)
Height 9.78 ft (2.98 m)
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