What is the number of fire brigade in Pakistan?

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What is the number of fire brigade in Pakistan?

Emergency Helplines

Police Helplines
Rescue Service 1122
Fire Brigade 16
Medical Facilities
Edhi Main Control Room 115

Does Pakistan have firefighters?

Pakistan firefighters continue to tackle blaze in world’s largest pine nut forests. Islamabad: Firefighters are continuing to battle the massive blaze in different parts of the Koh-e-Sulaiman range in Pakistan.

What is Pakistan emergency number?

From mobile phones – 112. Ambulance – 1122; Traffic police – 1915; Mobile phones – 112; Punjab Women’s toll free helpline – 1043; Tourist police – 1422; National Highways & Motorway Police – 130; Child Protection & Welfare Bureau – 1121. Mobile phones – 112.

How does the fire brigade work?

When fire brigade arrives, it pours water on the fire. Water cools the combustible material, so that its temperature is brought below its ignition temperature. They cut-off electricity and remove the combustible material from surrounding. This prevents the fire from spreading.

What is the name of fire vehicle?

fire engine, also called fire truck, mobile (nowadays self-propelled) piece of equipment used in firefighting.

Who to phone if you see a fire?

Remember to GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL 9-1-1 or your local emergency phone number. Yell “Fire!” several times and go outside right away. If you live in a building with elevators, use the stairs.

How can I call Pakistan 15?

You can dial 15 for Police emergency anywhere in Pakistan. 1122 is a rescue service in Punjab and Sindh. You can call NHMP Police by dialing 130 while traveling on motorways or on national highways. 1124 is helpline number for Punjab Patroling Police which can also be called while traveling on Punjab highways.

Is 15 emergency number in Pakistan?

Police helpline 15 works across Pakistan, however, in Karachi, it is called Police Madadgar Helpline. Since it provides you with a quick response, it is counted among one of the most effective emergency helplines in Pakistan.

How many types of fire are there?

There are four classes of fires: Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics. Class B: Flammable liquids such as alcohol, ether, oil, gasoline and grease, which are best extinguished by smothering.

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